Tips to choose the best student accommodation

Student’s life has some very big decisions to make that will surely impact their life afterward. After choosing the type of course and then selecting your referred university, the next important step is to decide the place to stay. The place to stay plays a crucial role in whole years of course completion and effect the academics as well social life. Studies have shown the behavioral pattern of a student is also related to his stay in hostels away from the family.

 York University offers a wide range of residence option from the traditional hall of residence, in privately rented rooms and in a purpose built student development.  If you living in some nearby areas, you can even stay at home and commute each day.

So, in this article, we will discuss out the pros and cons of each type of stay so that you can select the place that suits you the best.

University Halls


  1. Longtime friends are made here: Definitely staying in York University halls is the first choice of many students. There are some real time experiences and opportunities to socialize.
  2. Support: While staying in York university halls gives you a lot of support and guidance from your fellow students and lecturers.
  3. Reduced expenses: York University halls reduce financial burdens and expenses like repairs and damages in the rooms as everything is managed by the university.


  1. Control lies with the administration:
  2. Choice of roommate is done by the management
  3. No guarantees for the preferred accommodation.
  4. Higher Noise levels.

Private Student Halls

These are the privately build home complexes for students near the university campus. They have almost all the advantages of university alls but they can have:

  1. Extra cost:
  2. Noise disturbance

Private Accommodation

If you are looking for complete privacy, then you can rent out a private apartment completely.


  • Complete privacy
  • Independence of choosing your roommate in case you want to share the room.
  • Lifestyle as per your budget


  • Farness from the university campus
  • Costly

Living at Home

This is another good option in terms of finance and comfort.


  • Hassle-free and comfortable living.
  • More free time for yourself if someone else is taking care of household work.


  • Company of fellow students will be missed.
  • Lack of liberty.

York university residence offer fully amenitized living with multiple room style to accommodate all needs. York University Residences offer the advantage of being on campus, high-speed internet and all nearby facilities. York University residences also have facilities like the barber shop, dentist and community bike shop in the neighborhood.