7 reasons your child must attend preschool

What do you think of the word ‘preschool’? Is it children crying, teachers making kids do things they don’t want to, or the fear that your child may not be able to handle the sudden separation from home?

Well, if you have been having such thoughts about best preschools in Mumbai, we’re happy to change that for you. For we give you 7 practical reasons as to why your child must attend preschool.

Preschool promotes social and cognitive skills

When your child interacts with other kids at preschool, it lays the foundation for social and emotional growth. The alphabets, letters, colours and shapes your child is introduced to at preschool help him/her develop cognitive skills and intelligence quotient at a young age.

Preschool teaches your child to be independent

Continuous attention and attending to every need of your child at home makes him feel pampered and dependent on you. Whereas in playschool, he/she learns to do his tasks by himself and learns to be free and independent.

Preschool prepares your child for kindergarten

Before you take nursery admission, it is recommended that your child attends preschool since it prepares him/her to face the new environment. A child who has attended preschool before going to kindergarten feels less anxious and more confident that a child who hasn’t.

Preschool teaches moral and righteous values

When your child attends preschool, he/she listens to stories with moral values and also learns the prime significance of sharing his toys, books or food with others. He/she cultivates empathetic feelings towards the world at large, thus being caring and sympathetic citizens of the future.

Preschool offers options for developing your child’s self interests

The preschool activities like drawing, painting, dancing, reading, etc help your child explore his likes and interests and connect strongly with arts, literature, music, sports or numbers. No matter what your child prefers, preschool definitely helps him recognize his self interests.

Preschool trains your child in language use

With the child speaking his/her mother-tongue at home, it becomes challenging for him/her to effectively communicate with the outer world. At preschool, he/she learns to talk in a universal language, be it in English or Hindi or any other dominant language of the land.

Preschool nurtures curiosity and creativity in your child

With the many preschool programs that your child is exposed to, he/she develops a keen curiosity to know more about the matter at hand, thus gaining deeper insights into the subject. This in turn fosters creativity and imagination, helping him/her think from different angles and possibilities.

Just as it is not possible to swim in the ocean without first diving into the pool, attending kindergarten without experiencing life at preschool becomes a very arduous and strenuous time for your child. Groom him/her well and prepare him/her to take on the larger society by getting him/her trained at preschool. Take small, little steps towards success, because together these small steps account for a journey of many miles.