Peter Loftin- Known for his Kindness and Generosity

Peter Loftin also known as Peter T. Loftin is an amazing businessman. He is the resident of USA in the city North Carolina. Even though he had come across some of the misfortunes which generally people face in their life, but he still managed to reach the peak of success. He is counted among the best entrepreneurs, and has proved to be the best business man among his competitors. Later on he also became the former chairman of the telecommunication company of the BTI also known as Business Telecom Inc.

Apart from being a true business person, he is also known for his kindness. He is the son of Robert G. Loftin who was a Korean veteran and Maree Nelson who was a school teacher. He had been brought up from a lovely family. He had received all the happiness and love form his family. Peter Loftin pursued his education from North Carolina, and had completed his first semester from the State University. It is only after this when he had started fulfilling his dreams and began to reach his dream goals.

The charitable nature of Mr. Loftin

Besides this, Mr. Loftin had also shown great interest in various charitable works and wished to help the needy. He has set up various organizations for children and the old aged people. He was only twenty when he had established “Coats for Kids Foundation”, which is known to be one of the biggest organization. Peter Loftin had set up a non-profit organization where he helped poor children in the United States by providing them with winter coats and jackets. Not only this, he has also supported college going children of the deceased soldiers financially. Moreover he is always supportive in each and every cause related to any of the poor people.

There is another addition in to his endeavors which is related to children known as the “Oak Ranch”. It is equipped with all the facility for the children under the age group eight to seventeen years old. Here the children are provided with each and every facility and they were also taught how to do the daily work by themselves.

Peter Loftin is a very kind hearted man and has donated more than $10 million dollars in a number of NGOs and various other organizations. Because of his great charity work, he was also rewarded with the American Red Cross Board of Governor, Miami Heat Family Foundation, and given proper respect for the work which he has done.

Mr. Loftin had kept his involvement in all the fields and had achieved each and everything which he wanted. He is also a part of many charities which included “The Scoliosis Research Society”, “The Boys and Girls Club of America”, etc. later, on he was also praised for the kind of work which he has done for the poor people. He is truly honored with various awards and had gained a lot of popularity. It is his work which he has done that made him a kind hearted and a generous person.