Why Is City and Guild Considered the Best Art School in the Country?

The not-for-profit City and Guilds Art School of London were inaugurated in 1854. However, it was then known as Lambeth School of Art. Reverend Robert Gregory initiated the establishment of this school and worked towards the betterment and expansion of the art institute. In his strenuous effort, he was supported by the director of Victoria and Albert Museum, Henry Cole. Their joined efforts led to the expansion of the school which was started in the building of a National School of the parish. The art classes were initially held during the night because the rooms were unavailable during the day as regular school was held. With the arrival of skilled teachers in the school working artisans learned more about designing work and applied art.

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Courses offered by the art school

This is one of the oldest schools in London and offers a broad range of classes to the prospective students, which includes:

  • Foundation level courses
  • Bachelor of Arts courses under Undergraduate degrees
  • Master of Arts in Fine Art and Conservation under Postgraduate courses
  • Diploma as well as Postgraduate Diploma courses in Historic sculpting or carving

Features of the art school

The City and Guilds of London Art School offer the students a myriad of course options. The highly specialised art departments focus on contemporary Fine Art, Woodcarving and Gilding, Architectural Stone Carving and Conservation of artefacts of cultural importance. The school is dedicated to providing superior quality education to the enrolled students and for that purpose invites well-known artists and other academicians researching on different aspects of art for teaching in the Institute. Traditional skills are always encouraged in this school while the modern innovations are also held in high regard. This amalgamation of modern and traditional techniques where none of the methods is tagged as outdated makes this school truly unique from other art schools.

Financial aid for students

As an institute, it has always prioritised the interests of the students. It is known that financial constraints can jeopardise the scope of art education for a potential student.

The school, therefore, has a huge number of scholarships and sponsorships from different individual benefactors so that brilliant students can pursue art as their chosen field without worrying about fiscal problems. The presence of a huge number of patrons also shows the outstanding status of the art school. As an institute imparting art education, it has shown favourable results throughout the years. The individual approach that the school has towards the upbringing of the students in the field of art has urged notable people to act as beneficiaries for the progress of the students of this institute.

Prospects of students graduating from this institute

The City and Guild Art School has an extensive network and is associated with many reputable institutions and distinguished individuals. Helpful live projects are conducted in the school that ensures a better understanding of the prospects of art. Placements services and several other appropriate opportunities for students are available as this institute has ties with Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern, British Museum and the Museum of London.