Focus can be a real problem for those who suffer from conditions such as ADHD and ADD. Selecting the right strain of cannabis is so vital when it comes to managing these conditions, as it is quite easy to select a strain that could make your focus worse if you don’t know what you are looking for. Things to consider prior to selecting a strain include:

  • What is interrupting your concentration?
  • Do you feel feelings of disengagement?
  • Do you suffer from racing thoughts?

Once you consider these points, you are then armed with the necessary details to go ahead and choose a strain. Be wary that research is patchy with regards to ADHD and ADD. At the moment, it is mostly anecdotal evidence that we have to rely on. Therefore, it is important to consider and try several different strains.  For example, you may wish to try a high-THC strain, as well as a low-THC strain. It is recommended that you experiment with high-CBD and low-CBD strains too. The effects of each strain will vary from person to person. Some strains may increase your appetite, while others will make it difficult for you to sleep.

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Cinex may not be the most well-known strain, but its popularity is increasing due to the positive experiences that users have been reporting. Users have said that Cinex produced feelings of euphoria which fuelled creativity and made things interesting that would have been a drag otherwise. We wouldn’t recommend this strain if you experience quite intense anxiety and suffer from a racing mind. This could increase if you use Cinex.


Sour Diesel may have one of the best names, but it also matches this with excellent effects for patients who suffer from ADHD and ADD. Users of Sour Diesel have reported that it helps make tasks interesting due to the euphoria that you experience. It is important to manage dosing with Sour Diesel to maximize the benefits that the strain provides.


This strain was dubbed “Green Crack” by Snoop Dogg after he said the strain was intensely stimulating. From personal experience, it is difficult to find a strain that can rival Green Crack in terms of the focus that it offers its users. Feeling sharpness is a common effect of this strain. The citrus like flavour is also fantastic, making it a very pleasurable strain to use on a regular basis.

There are many other strains to look at, so make sure you consult and speak with your local dispensary by using the dispensaries near me tool to find your nearest dispensary, and they can recommend the best strain for you.