Top 10 Destinations for Students’ Vacations

Students is the most active part of society, searching for new impressions and sensations. They show an interest in everything, including tourism. However, they not always have the opportunity to travel around the world, because the cost of such tours is high enough.

Where students can go on vacations and what do they need? First, an international passport is a must-have for everybody.

Most students are not yet independent, so it is better to go on holiday with a company or at least with a couple. Travel around the country, explore the surrounding area or get to your destination is more comfortable by car. In order to rent a car under 21, at least one must have a driver’s license and one year of driving experience.

Let’s consider the top 10 destinations, which are the most budgetary and popular among various categories of students.

Tourists from all over the world flock to Thailand because of its rich and distinctive culture. There are quite nice hotels and cheap food, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for students and practical people who do not spend fabulous sums of money on rest.

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is situated in Western Europe. Amsterdam became famous for its nightlife and the “red light district”, as well as its live music scenes. This is the most popular tourist destination among young people, which requires low costs.

Poland is a budget alternative to Western Europe. Traveling to Poland offers you tours of history, culture and all kinds of entertainment. With average costs, you can spend on a hotel and meals around $35 – $50 per day. Beds in hostels and meals in snack bars can cost you about $21 – $35 per day.

Portugal is one more European country, where travel can cost you a very small amount. Hotel, food and entertainment are cheaper than in neighboring Spain and other Western European countries. Lisbon is known as the cheapest capital of Western Europe. The average daily cost per person is $42 for the hotel and $34 for food.

Italy being the European country, offers tourists many options for recreation and entertainment. Italy has a rich history, accumulated over the centuries, monuments of architecture, museums with world-famous works of art and restaurants that can satisfy any picky taste.

Famous Turkey without any doubts is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world because of various reasons: proximity and cheap flights, beautiful landscapes, mild climate and a long holiday season, various beaches and cheap hotels, excellent service, a lot of attractions and, of course, the All Inclusive system.

Relax on the sea in Bulgaria. This country attracts with its sandy beaches of Sunny Coats and Golden Sands, gentle sea, low prices for food and benevolent people. You can stay in houses by the sea or in inexpensive hotels in coastal cities.

Greece is full with travelers at any time of the year. Country is famous for its architectural monuments that preserved the spirit of ancient Greece. The main holiday in Greece is beach. A variety of beaches and entertainment allows any category of tourists to choose their holiday to their taste.

Albania is a hidden pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. There you can relax on the clean beaches of the Adriatic, visit the tiny capital of Tirana, admire the beautiful nature and cultural attractions, and try a generous kitchen.

Vietnam is located in the heart of spicy Southeast Asia. The main wealth of the country – more than 3 thousand kilometers of coastline and magnificent beaches, temple complexes, rich nature and familiarity with kind people.

Take care of the vacations in advance!