Quick guide on how to type fast in few simple steps

One of the most basic things that everyone should know is how to type fast. It is a skill that is not learned in one day and does take time. There are some who are not having the time to go typing classes and still want to achieve basic typing skills. To get the art of touch typing the need is to understand and work out smartly. The art of typing has to be earned smartly and how making it a frustrating one.

Here are the simple steps that will help you to type fast

  1.    Don’t look at the keyboard: Mostly when people are learning how to type they look at the keyboard and start pressing the keys. It looks helpful for the first time but actually, it makes the mind to peek again at the board while typing. Let the fingers explore for touch typing and it should take a time to get the mindset and fingers to become one. Once this stage completed then fast typing becomes easier.
  2.    Sitting Method: While learning the sitting method should be having a right posture. The back should be straight and no leaning backward or forward. When you are learning then sit straight in a relaxed position. The mind should be focused only on typing and nothing else. Most of the people are having different setting methods but if the sitting is relaxing then there is no problem. Also while sitting don’t shake the legs as it will not help in attaining the right focus.
  3.    Placing the fingers: There are many different types of keyboards that are used around the world. In every keyboard, there are two keys which have a marking bump on them. This marking bump can be felt when running the fingers above them. These are the marking that can easily be found on any type of keyboards. To understand the placement of fingers one can visit www.easytype.org.
  4.    Practice sessions: To get a proper speed once the fingers are all set then the need is to have more practice. Get a book or articles from new paper and start typing. The more hard words you will choose the greater benefits you will get.