What are the most scoring topics for JEE Main Mathematics section?

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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is one of the toughest entrance examinations in India for students seeking admission to various engineering colleges across the country. The syllabus of JEE Main examination is based on the syllabus of 11th and 12th standard. So, students can start their preparation for JEE along with their board preparations. Also, most of the topics are covered by the NCERT textbooks, so it is easier for candidates to handle both the preparations simultaneously.

How important is the JEE Main Mathematics Section?

JEE question paper comprises of three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Mathematics can be called the deciding section for your rank and score. Scoring well in the Mathematics section can be achieved with rigorous practice. You should start your preparations well ahead of the date of the main examination. Attempting mock tests, memorising formulas and solving more complex problems are the key to achieving the speed and accuracy needed for a good score.

The final lap of your preparation should be after the release of the JEE Main Admit Card. Although you should not skip any chapter in your maths syllabus, you can always focus a little more on some of the topics to figure out how to improve your score. There are certain topics in the mathematics section that can fetch you a good score if you can master the concepts well and practice as much as you can.

There are around 30 chapters in the mathematics syllabus of JEE Main. The syllabus comprises of Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus (Differential and Integral), Analytical Geometry and Vectors. All the topics are interlinked as you will need the concept of one topic to solve another. For example, problems on Calculus can be solved with many Trigonometric concepts.

Most Scoring Topics for JEE Main Mathematics Section

Here we present some of the topics that can help you score in JEE Main Mathematics section.

Quadratic Equations – Quadratic Equations are easy to understand and they can help you score in the mathematics section. They are one of the important topics in the syllabus that is present in the JEE Maths paper almost every year. Quadratic equations are quite easy to solve if you can understand the concept. So practice as much as you can to gain accuracy.

Inverse Trigonometry –Although it is considered to be tougher by many students, the questions are quite basic on this topic. There are numerous formulas that need to be understood and memorised. So if you can understand the concepts, you can easily solve them correctly and get a good score. This topic has a weightage of 2%.

Chapter ‘Circles’ from Analytical Geometry – The problems on Circles from the Analytical Geometry section are probably the easiest among the others. There are very few formulas to memorise. Moreover, this topic is quite important for the examination as it carries a weightage of 6%. This topic is especially easier to understand as students already learn all the concepts in the 10th standard. So, if you can practice well, you can easily solve all the questions on Circles and Family of Circles.

Straight Lines and Pairs of Straight Lines – Another easier topic from Geometry is Straight Lines. The problems asked on this topic are basic and you can easily solve them in a lesser time. This carries a weightage of 2% in the paper.

Limit and Continuity – This is a comparatively easier topic in Differential Calculus section and carries a weightage of 3%. All the problems can be solved by mastering the L’Hopital’s rule. If you can practice these problems regularly, you can easily attempt all the questions on this topic in the main examination.

Applications of Derivatives – Another easier topic from Differential Calculus is the Applications of Derivatives. This topic carries a weightage of 4%. They are also easy to solve, once you have mastered the concept well. Thus they can help you improve your score.

Definite Integrals – An important part of the much-feared Integral Calculus section of the syllabus, problems on Definite Integrals can help you score more than the others. This needs a lot of conceptual knowledge and can be quite interesting if you stop fearing it. There are very few formulas to remember and you can score well with regular practice.

Matrices and Determinants – This topic from the Linear Algebra section is easy to understand and solve. This topic carries a weightage of 3%. Students should try to solve any question from this topic, without making any silly mistake to increase their score.

Logarithms – Although it carries a weightage of 1%, questions on Logarithms are very easy to solve. So, attempting any problem on this topic can help you score.

Vectors – Vector Algebra has a weightage of 5%. These are quite easy to understand and are very much favoured by students as they can be solved easily. The problems on this topic are also quite simple. So you should definitely focus on this highly scoring topic to accurately solve all the questions in the main examination and get a good score.

With rigorous practice and regular mock tests, Mathematics section can significantly contribute to a better score in JEE Mains. The strategy to score well in JEE Main Examination is to find topics that need less work but yield more result. Focusing on these highly scoring topics and attempting them can improve your rank and help you get an edge over the others. However, not all the scoring topics are easier. Some of them can be a little difficult to understand, but you should not give up and learn as much as possible to solve those correctly. Students should also remember to be careful of silly mistakes as those can reduce the score.