How to Play Piano and Guitar Together?

Learning a single musical instrument is really easy as compared to the synching of two music instrument. You can find that there are so many musical instruments available out there and piano, as well as guitar, are the most popular instrument played all around the world.

The common issue occurs when two people try to synch both instruments. There are many issues occurring in such period, but this guide is definitely going to help you out. The below given are top five tips that can help to synch both instruments perfectly.

  1. Know the Tempo

The trouble begins with the synching work is due to improper tempo. If there is a drummer, then you can take the help from him and know the right tempo of the music. What it will help in many other methods such as synching both instruments by catching beat is easy. If the tempo is really high, then you should slow it down so that both the musician can synch properly.

  1. Ask Your Music Teacher

Even after trying numerous patterns, you are not able to match or synch both instruments. In such cases, you can focus on the selection of a good music teacher. You can ask such questions even in piano lessons in Singapore free trial and get your issues eradicated. The musician who learns music on their own and with the help of internet should consider a good music teacher to eradicate all issues with ease.

  1. Know the Beat

The guitar strumming is the reason that you are facing such issues but if you keep it simple and consider it as a beat, then you are able to synch. If both the musical instrument have the the same number of beats or double, then you can eradicate all those issues. It is the highly reliable method, and you can get rid of trouble with ease. Most of the musicians are trying such methods and avoiding the common issues.

  1. Play Piano First

If you are playing piano, then you will be playing the intro part, and then the guitarist’s role arrives. To learn it easily, you should play the piano and then start playing guitar at the beginning of the beat. Slow it down and take your time. Continue even with a wrong start and try to synch. It will be consuming a couple minutes, and you have to opt for many tries, but you will be able to synch the beat. It is absolutely easy, and you can try it out now.

  1. Use Metronome

When noting works, the last thing comes into the selection and it is to use a good metronome. You can start by using a metronome and knowing the beat. There are smartphone apps available which offer you the metronome. These are easy to use and you can rely on it without any issue.

Hope, this guide will come handy to synch two musical instruments. On the other hand, you can try out piano lessons in Singapore free trial and learn to synch two music instruments easily.