Why does your Short Story Need an Editor?

And you thought an editor is hired only by those who are into proper novels?

No doubt writing a “novella” is a big task, but that doesn’t make a short story writer any lower. In fact, when you are writing a short story, you have to be more artistic, since you have to present a story in the shortest form, without messing around with the word count.

Thus, it is important for you to hire an editor, who can help you with the most efficient and effective editing for your short story.

Still not sure why you need an editor for your short story?

Firstly, you may make a lot of grammatical errors, even though it is nothing but a short story. When you have a short story editor, he makes sure to rectify all of these grammatical errors for you. Some readers are so particular about the grammar of the writer that they would never read your books or stories again, if you have turned them off with your bad grammar. Thanks to a good editor, this thing can be taken care of. Also, let’s not forget we get too involved with the story to notice errors make by us.

Secondly, an editor can add or change certain things that sound awkward in the story. If there is something that needs to be trimmed down from the story or if something needs to be added, nothing can be better than having someone on board to tell you about the same. This is where an editor can help.

Lastly, an editor takes care of all the minor to major errors you have made in your story. No matter how short or big the story is, if it has any error that can’t be ignored, the readers won’t be glued to it.