Life After the MBA: A Student’s Perspective

Everyone knows that an MBA degree is possibly one of the most sought-after educational qualification today. It draws graduates not just from the Commerce stream but also students from across various other streams and disciplines. In fact, many working professionals in the middle of their career also look to pursue an MBA degree to boost their career and job prospects.

Scores of student and professionals apply for MBA programme every year. The IILM University, Gurugram, invites applications for MBA admission in Noida around the months of June and July each year. But how exactly does life look after finishing MBA? Does it turn around overnight and solve all questions and problems regarding your career single-handed? Before jumping to the conclusion that a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the right path for you, know a little more about life after MBA from a former student’s perspective.

Prospective students should keep in mind that life after MBA is not necessarily as easy and hunky-dory as they would imagine. It is true that upon graduation, MBA degree holders get plenty of job opportunities in sectors such as banking, finance, management, consulting, IT, investment banking, human resource, private equity and data analytics. They get high-paying salaries as well as various other perks and benefits.

But it is also important to sift through the excessive hype around MBA graduates’ pay packages and know that it is not possible for every management graduate to receive a cushy job and dream salary package. Of course, most of the graduates get recruited directly by companies right on the campus and kick-start a long corporate career but it is only a few brighter ones from the best MBA colleges in India who get hired by big companies with really high pay package.

Besides, not everyone goes for a corporate career. Some MBAs prefer to do entrepreneurship in a field they are passionate about. Some others with vision and enterprise launch their own start-ups. And indeed, these are the best and most exciting times for launching a start-up. In fact, there are a range of job and career options available for those with an MBA degree. The key is to have the goals in place, along with the focus and determination to work towards them, in order to establish a strong and successful career after MBA.

Some of you might not find life after MBA as exciting and rewarding as you had expected it to be. Not getting a fat salary or not getting success in your entrepreneurial venture may leave you exasperated. But don’t forget that the slow and steady wins the race, and getting an MBA is probably the most effective way to advance your career in a short span of time and maximise your earning potential.

Apart from providing great job opportunities, an MBA degree can help your career in multiple other ways indirectly. Let us explain how:

  1. Having an MBA takes your credibility quotient several notches higher. It gives the impression to business leaders, clients and recruiters that you are competent in your field and possess the required skills and knowledge that come with an MBA. Therefore, it will add weight to your prospect and boost your chances of career advancement.
  2. You’ll get to know influencers on a first-name basis and this really means a lot. Once enrolled on an MBA program, you automatically get access to your department’s alumni network. This gives you many opportunities to meet influencers across industries, as well as students in your faculty who look poised to become the leaders of tomorrow. You can get alerted about upcoming openings and job opportunities and get more knowledge about people and companies and how they function.
  3. You’ll acquire essential soft skills, including interpersonal skills, leadership and corporate responsibility. Thanks to their soft skills, MBAs continue to outshine their competitors during job interviews and take up roles and responsibilities in a company with true leadership.

But it is not just about jobs and career after all. MBAs should not be seen merely as a career quick-fix. Doing MBA can actually change your life at many other levels. It teaches sound life-skills that will hold you in good stead in many challenging and unexpected situations. The things that you learn during MBA stay with you throughout your life and guide you in doing and managing everything better. So an MBA program is an invaluable investment from which you can expect to reap benefits throughout your career and life.