What are the top 7 courses to study in Canada?

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Whenever someone thinks of studying abroad for higher education, Canada is one of the places that will definitely be on the list. There are multiple reasons as to why Study in Canada is one of the most sought after for higher education. One of the reason is the country has a very relaxed immigration policy, which attracts a huge number of students going to the country. The other reason is its relationship with the USA. The education standards of Canada is very high and most of its programs are of international standard. Further, the job prospects in Canada are also good and the minimum wage is also high. But what are the programs that you should look for when you are going for study in Canada?


MBA or Masters of business administration is one of the favorable preferences of people who are applying for higher studies, be it anywhere in the world. MBA offers one of the most attractive packages one can get after completing their post-graduation. There is also a huge demand for investment banking, financial risks, management consulting and more. And slowly, in Canada also, MBA has been given a preference. Besides this, the cost of completing MBA from Canada is also very less. Under the Post-graduation work permit program, you can also get a job easily after completing MBA with a good compensation.


Masters in engineering still tops the list of student’s preference, when they are thinking of going for higher education. The jobs in the field of engineering are steadily growing in Canada. It is reported that more than 8000 jobs were added in 2017 alone. There is a strong presence in the manufacturing sector in Canada. The median salary of people working in this sector is also very high compared to the other countries. There is also a good number of options of scholarship for students going from India.

IT and computer science

With the technology booming the possibilities for people in this field is always growing. One of the most in-demand occupations in Canada is software engineers and IT project managers. There are more than 500,000 already working in Canada in this sector. Also, the median salary offered in this sector is around $81,500. This is an increase of 8% as compared to the previous year. There are also world class institutes and universities to cope up the supply of the people working in this field. The most in-demand jobs include web designers, database analysts, information systems consultants, and many more.


The median salary in this field is staggering high at $80,000. The salary is growing at 10% on a year-on-year basis. There are three law universities in Canada which feature in the top list of QS ranking. There are many subjects offered in master courses in this field. These programs include legal theory, criminal law, health law, ethics, business law, etc. The fees for the universities is also at par as compared to the other top universities in the world.


It is considered one of the oldest profession in the world. It is also one of the top courses offered in Canada. There are two universities in Canada which are in the top 50 list of QS rankings. These universities have fees compared to the other top universities. Further, the job prospects in this field are very high. Also, the median salary is one of the highest in the country.

Forestry and agricultural science

In the past few years, agricultural science has become one of the most sought fields in the education sector. Canada has one of the best universities in this field. The job prospects and salary in Canada are also very high as compared to the other countries. The usual job positions in this field include agronomists, agricultural consultants, scientists, forestry consultants, etc.

Journalism and media

The rise of social of social media and digital media has paved a new way for people working in this field. This sector is one of the fastest growing in Canada. There are multiple opportunities for people opting this field. Additionally, Canada also tops universities in this field to serve the growing opportunities in digital media.