Business Analyst Career and Salary Profile

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A Bit of History

When it comes to an understanding of any topic. The most important part is a deep overview of such topics. You are here to learn the career of Business Analysts and their salary profile. But are here to cater to you with the history of Business Analysts. 

Knowing about business analysis is very important in order to achieve success and grow in the business. Many people neglect this thing and they really are not able to achieve the heights which they really can.

Well, it is always necessary to know about the background of a job before understanding the whereabouts. Whatever we see today were not that vivid back in the times. Before understanding the history of Business Analysts. You must know the reason why Business Analysis was crafted as a profession.

For understanding the reason, you can chunk the term Business Analysis. First of all, what is Business? And secondly, what is Analysis?

Business can be defined as a well-planned approach and a set of efforts. Such planning and efforts are made to sell or buy goods to leverage profit. 

While Analysis can be defined as a process of deep evaluation of something, in the case of business analysis is done for varied reasons. And the most significant reason to analyze any business is to increase the span of profit and to understand and deliver services and products according to the needs of a target audience. 

Understanding with an Example

For instance, you may find that their different types of products sold in different regions. For say, in India, indigenous snacks are sold massively. Whereas in countries like Japan, most snakes are sweet and sugary. Why are there such differences in the deliverance of food products in various countries? 

These differences are predominant because of the demands of the target audience of any region. But how do organizations and companies get to know the demands and desires of their customers? It is the boon of business analysis that bestows these companies with information related to the demands of their customers.

Well, as we have discussed, the brief history of Business Analysis. Now, let’s dig into the profession of Business Analysts.

Roles of a Business Analyst

A business analyst is a professional who has loads of responsibilities. Such responsibilities are quintessential for an organization to survive in the world of business. These professionals are highly appreciated in each enterprise irrespective of size. They paid well for their jobs and proficiency. 

The significance of any company is colossal in every company as they are the ones who do the researches and surveys to increase the business intelligence of any company. Many mammoth organizations hire a team of Business Analysts. In which each and every Business Analyst specializes in a particular domain of business analysis, like Business Risk Management, Inventory Management, Business Research, and so on. These are the professionals who bring the information of customers and clients to their leadership body to help their company to deliver products and related services much effectively. 

Business Analysts not only recommend tactics to increase the rate of delivery. But they also recommend ways to save the cost of production and time. Well, these are the most important things that matter the most to leverage any business.


Indeed, the career of Business Analysts is full of benefits. Business Analysts work in a dual world. They are the wizards of technology and business at a time. The job of Business Analysts was popularized in the past two decades because of the global adoption of the technologies. Back then, in the era between the 1970s and 1980s, the adoption of technology was considered by companies that built computers mostly. The adoption of technology for other industries was expensive. 

And during that period, there were System Analysts. Who had the job to work solely to exchange the technological business? But later, the adoption of technology because cheaper, and then each and every business enterprise started investing in adopting technologies. Now, this led to the birth of the Business Analyst profession. In the era of 1990s, the demand for Business Analysts began to boom. 

And ultimately, here we are. So, from this little description of the job of Business Analysts, one could easily understand the importance of Business Analysts in any organization. And this is the reason why BAs across the globe have great job security and are also paid handsomely.

Salary Profile

Now before ending this article, we will look into the salary profile Business Analysts. Well, this part is short and crisp. The salary of a Business Analyst is based on the size of the company they work within. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is recorded that the salary of Business Analysts falls between $58,000 to $151,000 and above. It is also estimated that the salary will definitely increase in the next decades.


So, these were the information about the career and salary profile of Business Analysts. Now the main dilemma you must be going through is “whether you should aim to become a Business Analyst or not?”

Well, the answer is positive. If you can, then you should become a Business Analyst. You become a professional in other fields. But you may not find satisfactory job security. So, if you can, then you should become a Business Analyst.