What is the best course for artificial intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence is referred to the development of innovative machines that can execute tasks which usually requires human intelligence. It is considered to be extremely advantageous in several organization such as physics, healthcare, etc. Currently, AI is used in many organizations since it offers better results.

Below are some of the best courses present for artificial intelligence:

  •  AI Programming with TensorFlow

This Artificial Intelligence Online Course gives you the comprehensive training that you need to master the skillsets of Artificial Intelligence. This training comes with two options; a Self-Paced course of 24hrs and an Instructor-led course of 32hrs with 48hrs of Projects and Exercises.

After completing this course, you have a deeper knowledge of AI topics and subjects. For instance, Jupyter, NumPy, Anaconda, Matplotlib, and Pandas. This course is also based on the various concepts of both data analysis and data science since data science is considered to be a vital part of the artificial intelligence field. 

This course is suitable for beginners since it includes all the basic topics and terminologies. It is also engaging. The duration of the course can also depend on your hard work since it is possible to complete the course within one or two months. 

Course Provider: Intellipaat

  • AI for Everyone

This crash course lasts for about nine years, co-founder of Coursera, i.e. Andrew Ng, leads the class. Machine learning course offered by it is very famous that made various individuals choose Coursera. Coursera’s popularity is increasing rapidly over the years.  

It includes the concepts related to, machine learning, deep learning AI terminology, and data science. It is a course that is not only vital for computer scientists but also for the field of business. This course is also suitable for any individual having a profession in business can pick up this certification course since AI is very valuable for any kind of business. 

Course Provider: Coursera

  • AI and Machine Learning Engineer

It is a four-hundred hours long course that offers you a chance at getting better job options. You will learn in detail about both artificial bits of intelligence along with machine learning. This course comes with an opportunity that enables you to secure a job associated with AI after graduating from it within six months. It is the best certification course for any individual wanting to build up their career. If you don’t get a job opportunity, you will get refunded.

Along with a good job opportunity, it also offers high-quality materials and courses. It includes all the concepts associated with AI. It also contains other topics like natural language, ML algorithms, and so on. It also includes machine learning. 

If you want to get a stable job and increase your set of knowledge and skills in AI, then you can consider choosing this course. 

Course Provider: Springboard

  • Artificial Intelligence 

This course continues for a period of six months; it includes all the details related to the usage of artificial intelligence in making any financial decisions. Any individual interested in finding more about the purposes of Artificial Intelligence in financial organizations can take up this certification course. 

AI enables any kind of business to process numbers. This course can help you to learn the steps needed to build/create a program that can handle your portfolio and process the information. It also includes deep learning. 

Course Provider: Udacity

  • Artificial Intelligence A-Z

This course is around 17 hours long. You will get a deeper knowledge regarding AI. This course includes the fundamentals required to build an AI. You will learn its practical usage as well as theory. It also helps you to gain information about the models that are required to create AI applications. An example of such applications is automatic cars that have the self-drive mode. It also teaches you practices and tools that are required to deal with real-world situations.

It is best suitable for beginners in the AI field and wants to learn how to build their own AI. This course provides relevant information. Therefore, it is a great choice for individuals that want to learn AI for the first time.

Course Provider: Udemy


Choosing an Artificial Intelligence Course is a choice you must make based on your requirements. You can take up these courses to accumulate more knowledge about AI. Thus, once you choose a course, you can have better career opportunities as well as skill sets required for AI job roles.