4 things that we don’t need in our schools

The methods of learning and teaching have changed. Our schools are changing too, so does the mindset of the teachers. But still, there is something which is still like the same needlessly. Let’s take the physical structure of the schools. They are still same. Even the schools in central London are still made of that old traditional bricks of the England. This could be to keep your heritage alive, but schools are only for education not to carry a culture or tradition.

Moreover, the facilities of most of the schools are also outdated and need to be replaced or just thrown out of the school. To make you realize more on this, I am going to write four things that we don’t need in our schools anymore.

  1. Computer Labs:

Believe me a computer lab is not necessary for schools. I don’t know why the government and private sector schools spend so much on the computer labs when every student carry a mini computer in his pocket which we called the smartphone. They are connected to the internet wherever they go. This is the era of 3G and 4G, and we don’t even need Wi-Fi anymore. The students can do whatever they want with their smartphones. Either it is to browse the internet for research purposes or to get the custom essay writing service. They can do everything with a smartphone so instead of making a computer lab in the schools, it is better to utilize that space and investment for making a high-end cafeteria.

  1. Learning in Prescribed Places:

We have achieved so much but still, our schools are using the prescribed places for learning. No one wants to remember the place where he or she used to learn after passing out the school. The reason is the environment and the space. Working in a group, being on a trip, doing a project or learning while talking with friends need a place that should be designed by keeping the needs of the students. That is why we don’t need the prescribed places for learning in the schools.

  1. Teacher Centered Classroom:

This is the centuries old practice of the schools which I don’t think going to change in the next couple of centuries too. Every classroom gets specially designed for a lecture and crowd control by making the teacher as the center figure. But, the reason why education sector is on a decline is to ask one teacher to control over hundred students in a class at a time. By any logical means, this is just impossible. Those days are gone when the students used to have almost nothing that can divert their minds from the words of the teacher. That is why the classroom suddenly needs to change their design and structure so a teacher can give their full concentration to different smaller groups of people.

  1. Gyms in the dungeons:

Why every school has a gym either in his basement or at a place which usually doesn’t have any direct source of sunlight. The schools need to change this. They either construct these gyms in an open environment like on a roof or have to make sure that the sunlight could enter into the gym. Sunlight is one of the main sources that make your body strong. If you are stopping it, then what is the point of constructing a gym in the school?