Taking A Quick Look Into The Life of Peter Loftin

As a matter of fact, Peter Loftin founded the Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) in 1983, and made his mark in the business industry especially in the telecommunications sector. Loftin was born in North Carolina and was raised by his mother Maree Nelson Loftin. His mother was a teacher in the elementary school while his father, Robert G Loftin was a Korean War Veteran.

He has an amazing son of 19 years old with his former wife and two more children who currently live with him. Loftin started his career only at the age of 25, he struggled a lot and finally his hard work paid off. The Business Telecom Inc. is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the nation. Success comes to those who constantly work for it, and Loftin proved this phrase to the world. BTI is not only one of the biggest companies in the nation, but also the largest employer in Raleigh, a city in North Carolina.

Know about his career

Peter Loftin has been named as the “Entrepreneur of The Year” by the Business North Carolina Magazine. Loftin is the first person to introduce the flat rate pricing in the telecommunications industry. In an ample manner he provided free internet connection to the disabled students in the rural schools all over the North Carolina. For this extremely generous act, he was awarded the “Corporate Citizen of the Year award” by NCEITA that stands for the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association.

This thoughtful act by him was even recognized publically by James. B. Hunt, the then governor general of North Carolina. His contributions fetched him the title of the single largest contributor ever to be in Raleigh, by the mayor Tom Fetzer. He founded the largest distillery of new whiskey in New York in the year 2016 known as Bardstown and Bourbon. It is a unique and one of a kind collaborative whiskey. Loftin is the chairman of the Bardstown Bourbon and played an important role in the recent Constellation brands partnership.

Loftin is the founder of the Cm3 group which is a counter terrorism association along with Mr. Michael Haley and Richard Shaffer. No doubt, his constant effort and work harder spirit makes him the center of admiration for many people.

An inspiration and unsung hero

Peter Loftin began his charity programs when he was only 20 years of age and it was known as ‘Coats for kids’. The organization used to donate warm coats to those in need of it in the holiday season. He was associated with many charitable foundations and the list goes on. He always had the habit of giving back in himself. He was linked with the National Boards of Governors of the American Red Cross, in the Washington DC.

Loftin has served with other foundations too like the American Lung Association. Most importantly he built a camp named Camp BTI for the boys and girls clubs of America. His life is full of inspiring events and experiences and a person can only learn valuable things from his life. He is one the most inspiring figure of the world today.