Your Agora – ESL lesson plans for How to teach English Abroad

ESL platforms like Your Agora has made teaching English as a second languagea reality for teachers who wish to educate students residing in far off geographical locations and overseas. There has being an increase of importance of the English language due to globalization leading to more and more non-native English speakers arewanting to learn business English and Your Agora is assisting tutorsprovide a solution to how to teach English abroad.

Your Agora has large volumes of has a treasure of learning material and content created and contributed by tutors and contributors from various corners of the world. This ESL platform also has a large volume of interactive content due to its feature allowing tutors to integrate videos, pictures, text etc in the ESL lesson plans to make course content more interesting and enable learners to better understand the content and making teaching English as a second language easier for tutors.

Teachers and contributors can also edit, change and modify content to update syllabus and course content in according to changing requirement of their classes. With its tagging feature, teachers can filter and organise learning content in accordance to course, classes and sort it by date, student etc. Its search function also allows students to find relevant content in midst of large volume of ESL lesson plans.

Teaching English as a second languagecan also be made easier it Your Agora’s auto-grade feature which automatically checks and grades test and assignment based on true or false, match the following, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions format, whereas writing assignments can be check, reviewed and graded with an option to make comments and feedback, hence eliminating the difficult question of  how to teach English abroad

This online platform forteaching English as a second languageallows free usageto students and teachers,but schools, colleges, educational institutions and business are required to subscribe to its premium paid plans to for availing and providingESL lesson plans.

Your Agora has certain limitation as it is not suitable as a learning platform for students who wish to learn English and do not have any basic level knowledge of the English language asits features are onlyhow to teach English abroad to students with basic and intermediate English skills.