If you are a skilled bartender, look for emploi Bar à Montréal

Bar staff have a full time job and also a part time job. The work here is to serve drinks in particular locations such as bars, clubs and pubs. These also include gig venues and luxury hotels. However, there is the responsibility of keeping the venue tidy and clean, making sure the stock levels are in a good standard and rightly maintained that the flow of glasses are washed such that the customers will be served when required.

There is also working the tills as a bartender’s role and this is expanded to nearly a waiter’s role. However, with the increase in the gastro pubs, they serve food and drinks as required. in fact, the bartenders role also includes being friendly to customers and offering a warm presence and friendly personality as a must.

Benefits and salary

The emploi Bar à Montréal is available as full and part time. However, a bar staff of full time will earn around $13000 and $20000 annually. This is finalized by the venue location and its type, besides the shifts you handle each week.

The roles of supervisory are senior and if promoted to these positions, you may get to see a wage rise every year around $22,000 each year. Working in a bar is a preeminent job and there is a good opportunity to earn more tips so that it significantly contributes to the earning. Even if you are good and skilled in customer service and have a knack of getting good with customers, you are sure to take home an extra tip daily.

Hours of working

The shifts in the bar are in the evenings, on public holidays and at weekends, that it is safe to be most socially adjustable.  This is also the time when the crowd is much and these shifts call for more attention. There are venues open also in day times that you can expect some peaceful times. However, on the weekend days, right from Friday to Saturday night there will be the highest crowd and of course it also means you earn the best tips.

There is no particular need for qualifications to gain access. Instead there should be a willingness or desire to learn the tricks. The employers look for such people and if you are new, this will be a huge factor to be considered. Responsibility, teamwork and independent thoughts are also relative skills required in the industry, besides the happy to talk bartenders are highly appreciated.