Why Millennial are turning to the online certification course

For the most of millennial, the old ways of having a four-year course at the university are no longer the attraction point. But few of them still is following that traditional path of getting knowledge because the possibility is that they have not other options. They don’t see another choice to have a successful career.

Millennials are not dependable on educational institution to gain the knowledge that they want to become a successful person in life. Nowadays many millennial are now gaining knowledge from the internet because with the help of the internet they can find the solution to every problem in a few seconds. There are lots of other factors that make a internet more better way of gaining knowledge from traditional classrooms for millennials such as online certification courses in India. Here are some of those factors:

  • Most of the university still follow the traditional rule of giving knowledge

This will be unfair to say that universities are not trying to change the method of teaching because the professors of universities also know that today millennial wants some uniqueness in the teaching method which they are giving. But still, they cannot match the facility provided by the internet today.

Collaboration or feedback is the major factor as in universities there is little room for feedback or collaboration means a student has to wait for his or her chance to give feedback on any topic. In universities, the millennials are not collaborating much with other people (students). On the opposite side, the Internet provides the very good facility of collaboration and feedback for millennials. There are many social websites where they can share, collaborate and can communicate with more freedom. They have the freedom to give feedback on any topic that they want to.

  • The Internet provides many different opportunities to gain knowledge

Most of the universities are trying to match with the standard of the internet means students are receiving tablets in place of textbooks and notebooks. The courses which were only available on campus only, nowadays those courses are available online also.

  • Millennials want affordable and flexible education

For those millennials who want to gain knowledge without any kind tradition degree or certificate, gaining knowledge from the internet is a very great method for them. Most of the courses which are available on the internet are self-paced and at very much affordable price also. There are also options for obtaining a degree through the internet as many of the university is providing the facility of giving degrees online.

  • Gaining knowledge from the internet is under budget

For most of the people, getting a degree from recognized universities is like a dream comes true. But nowadays, the tuition fees in many universities are very costly. This is the major factor that nowadays millennials are looking to gain knowledge from the internet because this option is very affordable.   

Can these traditional universities catch up or not?

The problem for many colleges and universities is how to catch up with the facility provided by the internet today. They can start a new course which is in demand nowadays and they can have a better future from those courses.