Rocketship Charter Schools Responds to NRP’s Negated Publication

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The CEO of Rocketship Public Charter Schools, Mr. Preston Smith, is finally opening up about the negated publication by NPR, a famous mission-driven multimedia organization that disseminates news through a string base of stations in addition to supporters across the world. As an organization that explores different new ways through digital platforms alongside improved technologies, NPR’s report on Rocketship Education was published on some viable grounds coupled with substantial proof from a few contributors. Following these reports, Preston Smith decided to address the issues highlighted. Well, because the contents of the publication bear no shred of factual information. However, he agrees with some of it.

Contents of the Publication

NPR portrays Rocketship Education as an education center that drills students to pass exams by administering high score tests. For that reason, the school has always been admired because apparently, students pass international exams whenever an interschool’s exams competition is held. As if that was not enough, the report goes on to highlight the long class hours dedicated to ‘mentorship’ programs, high pressure to perform, alongside the ritualistic classroom protocols that are common in most charter schools. Furthermore, Rocketship Edu has also adopted a technological study model to improve its student’s learning system. In the report, this move is also negated as the critics are convinced that it exerts more pressure on student’s normal learning abilities.

Is Rocketship a Company?

It looks like the first segment of the NPR report is just a tip of the iceberg. Not only has Rocketship Education center been accused of being overly strict to scholars, but the educational entity has also been accused of being a company. This report goes on to negate the school’s set up by terming it as an organization run by specific, like-minded individuals with personal interests in relation to the idea of profit-generation. While the management is committed to providing scholars with the best learning systems coupled with viable environments and resources, critics have asked why it is essential to grill toddlers and how else they can be trained to acquire the same excellent results, but differently.

Preston Smith’s Sentiments

When it has all been said and done, only the management of this incredible education center can shed some light on what is going on within the walls of the school. To be clear with every concerned individual, Preston Smith issued a report that stated the actual truth. For starters, he swipes the NPR article to the left. Therefore, he only highlights some of the fundamental issues because the parents to his students have raised major concern regarding the ‘lies’ that this prominent news reporter has published about their children’s school.

To fully address the issue he tosses rhetoric questions that give direct answers to NPR’s article. Smith asks why the schools still have students in them if the learning system is too rigid. There are even higher admission rates as of now. For that reason, there is sufficient proof that the public charter school is determined to provide the best learning services for its scholars.

What of the Parent’s Survey?

Moreover, in a recent parent survey, 90% of the scholar’s guardians recommended the charter school. Now, these parents are wondering why two of them are not using the right channels to air their grievances if indeed they find the school haphazardly unfair in its practices.

The Overview

Rocketship Edu is a not-for-profit network elementary public charter school that serves low-income earning communities with limited access to high-quality education systems. Established in 2006, the school’s mission is to get rid of the achievement gap via establishing a scalable and sustainable education model that fosters a scholar’s potential in underserved communities. Also, the school has an instructional model that includes a technology supported approach made to personalize the learning process to match the needs of every student.