Which school is better online or regular?

Have the new services introduced in our daily life such as onlineschool, the first question which strikes our mind is that whether the old one is better or the new one will work properly? And the answer to this question is that the school from where the child is learning something is the better school for him or her. The online schools are having their specialty and the regular schools their own. On the other hand, online schools provide better knowledge nowadays because the child is more focused when he or she studies in front of their parents. The working of online schools is far different from the regular school.

How do the online schools work?

It’s not mandatory that the session and the teaching pattern of the online schools are same as the regular ones. Some of their ways or terminologies of teaching are enlisted below:

  • The online schools provide proper notes to the child by mail or send them by courier.
  • The online schools also provide video lectures so that students learn the lessons properly by listening to them again and again.
  • The online schools provide proper learning structure to the students in a very good manner.

Online schools and practical knowledge:

The biggest disadvantage of online schools is that they lack in providing practical knowledge to the students. For this they have introduced the various schemes or ways which are given below:

  1. The online schools have tied with the private schools nearby to provide practical knowledge to their students.
  2. The exams in which the practical knowledge of the students is tested are also done in the schools which are having tie up with them.
  3. Some of the online schools conduct their examination in some specified school in a written form and upload the results online.