Types of Master Degree in Nursing

Nursing is considered as the largest field of health care professionals across the world. There is a wide range of courses for nurse available and as well as numerous degree ways. As per to the research, estimated 60 percent of the registered nurses are employed in hospitals. It is not possible to list the range of specialization and functions they have. The nurses can do anything from supervising the staff t inserting an IV line. If you aim for master`s degree in nursing, but you do not know which specialization you should opt, you should first think for the type of care you want to deliver, where you wish to work. There are many combined career paths as well like pediatric acute care.

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Taking part in an MSN program enables you to specialize in one of many different areas. Some choose to combine their degree for becoming specialists in a certain area as well as having a focus on things like hospital administration and public health. This course can be completed in 2 years. The greatest benefit of this course is that many employers offer reimbursements for tuition fees.

  • RN to MSN Programs: These programs are designed for the nurses who are RNs already and want to become more advanced in their knowledge. It takes four years to complete. It is essential to understand that only RNs with a BSN are able to take part in these programs.
  • BSN to MSN Programs: These programs are basic and fundamentals for nurses that wish to clear their MSN in an accelerated way. They can complete them in two years.
  • ADN to MSN Programs: if you earn AND then you can directly enter MSN. First program takes two years and further three to four years for the second part of the program.
  • ASN to MSN Programs: In this program, ASN need to study towards their BSN first. It would take two years to complete.