Online Test Prep for New York State Regents Exams

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To have the proper assessment of the students of junior high schools and the high schools, the New York State Regents Exams are organized. These exams are requiring evaluating the students’ merits and measuring their progress. Usually, the students of elementary schools and the middle schools take these tastes yearly in the main subjects to assess their learning in those subjects.

Why Are the Regents Exams Important?

Before taking regents, prep one must know the importance of these exams for students. The score of these exams is the deciding factor for the schools whether students are going to get a promotion to the next grade. For high school students, they have to pass five Regents Exams so that you can graduate from high school. If they pass more exams, they can achieve Advanced Diploma.

Subjects for New York State Regents Exams

In order to graduate, the junior high and high school students have to earn proper credits in specific subjects. There are several online tutorials which can guide you to get more marks in order to graduate. But, what are the subjects you need to pass? Have a look-

  • Algebra Regents
  • Geometry Regents
  • History of the United States and Government
  • English Language Arts
  • Global history and geography
  • Chemistry/the Physical Setting
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Earth Science/the Physical Setting
  • Physics/the Physical Setting
  • Living Environment

These are the exams that the students have to clear to graduate with good grades.

How to Prepare

You can have math tutorials and another online guide to prepare for the exam. Remember, you need to pass five or more Regents Exams to achieve the respectful Regent Diploma of New York. To get good score in this exam, you should follow a regular preparation method-

  • Study regularly
  • Get help from teachers
  • Consult reference books and online sites
  • Practice the old tests.

There are lots of online tutorials where you can get guidelines along with the opportunity to sit for mock tests. This will help you to understand the format and also do well in the real exam.

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