Top 7 Tips for Preparing AWS Certified SysOps Administrators Certification

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The AWS SysOps Administrators Certification is one of the reputed associate-level certifications of AWS. And has a massive influence in the cloud computing industry. To achieve this Certification, you will have to go through a lot of practice and preparation. You cannot neglect your subjects, and procrastination will not be helpful here.

This Certification has better recognition industry-wide then the other AWS Associate Certifications. Basically, Certification is meant for those individuals who desire to hold the administrative responsibilities related to cloud computing in any organization. And indeed, this Certification validates a person’s ability to handle and manage, numerous cloud-based, operations, tools and applications.

This Certification is a tough nut to crack. In order to understand why it is tough, you should learn about the roles and responsibilities of the professionals who have this Certification.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS certified SysOps Administrators!

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrators are seen as an integral part of any organization. They have a pretty complicated job, and they play very significant roles in any organization, like:

  • Shell Scripting.
  • Deployment of production.
  • Monitoring production.
  • Providing Operational Support.
  • Working precisely with DevOps Application and tools.
  • Configuration, visualization and provisioning technologies like Ansible.
  • Solving Problems and thinking in a critical manner to troubleshoot any issue related to any type of cloud-based operation.

And there is a whole list of roles and responsibilities, that are carried out by the AWS certified SysOps Administrators in any organization. This is the reason why these professionals are seen as an asset to their organization. And this is the very reason why people aspire to become a WS Certified SysOps Administrator to secure their future.

However, to become such a professional, you will have to pass the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam. Well, in this Certification, we will be discussing the seven major tips that will help you to pass the exam positively.

The 7 Tips to Prepare for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrators!

  • Take a tour of Official Website

That’s right to take a tour of the official of AWS. There you will find many important posts related to exams. You will find much significant information that will help you to understand the weightage of the exam. You will find information about the pattern of the exam, how the questions are formed, which material will be suitable for the exam, and you will even find blogs related to topics of the exam. You must keenly observe each and every niche of the website. In the official website, you may not find information about 3 important part of the exam, i.e. duration of the exam, number of questions and information about the passing percentage.Well, in that case, we will help you out. The Exam duration is 130 minutes. You will get 80 questions and in order to pass the exam you will have to secure 65%-72%, the passing score isn’t fixed, as it changes yearly according to the global standards.

  • Pay attention to the Blueprints.

There is a blueprint designed for every AWS Exam. The blueprint consists of all the exam topics. Those topics which you will learn and grasp to pass the exam. After being thorough with the official website, your next step will be paying attention to the blueprint of the exam. It is a very beneficial practice, and indeed it helps in the learning process very much. The blueprint not only comprises of all the required topics. But it also consists of a list of marks expected from each topic, and it also gives information about the importance of any topic, while it also gives information about how many percentages of questions could be asked from any topic. Now be sure, about going through the blueprint as it will help you more than your imagination.

  • A Free Tier Account will be beneficial.

The AWS Certification exams are designed in such a way that you will need both practical and theoretical knowledge to solve the questions in the exam. Similarly, in the case of AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam, you will get to solve scenario-based questions. And to solve such questions you will have to think on the basis of a given scenario. This is where the AWS provides the aspirants with a one-year free tier account.

This free tier account is meant for the aspirants who intend to prepare for any AWS certification exam. By making use of this account, you will be able to use all sorts of applications and tools of AWS, but there are some set limitations to use all the tools and applications. Despite such limitations, you will be able to gain scenario-based experience and knowledge which will allow you to attempt scenario-based questions that will be asked in the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification exam.

  • Learn from the FAQs

Go through the FAQs, and there you will find many questions related to exams. And you learn about some of the significant and influential aspects of the exam.

  • Be thorough with the Whiteboards and Books.

The Whiteboards are actually a set of documents related to the topics of exams they consist of topics that are important for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam. Some of the most recommended whiteboards which you should follow are:

  • AWS Security Best Practices
  • Architecture for the cloud: AWS best practices
  • Test and Development on AWS
  • AWS well-architected framework
  • AWS: Overview of security best practices
  • Recovery approaches using AWS
  • How AWS pricing works 

Not only that, but you should also get some of the best-suited books to prepare for your AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam.

  • Watching Online Videos will give you a better insight.

Sometimes materials are not enough, as some of the topics are a bit hard to understand. So in such cases, you should watch online educational videos related to AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Exam. This will also give a flexible classroom environment which will indeed help you to learn in a fast pace manner.

  • Try to solve Practice Question Papers.

Last but not least, after completing the required preparation for your exam. You should consider solving practice questions as much as you can. As it will help to enhance your accuracy, speed and confidence to solve the questions in your AWS SysOps Administrator exam.


The AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam is indeed tough. But by following these tips precisely will enhance your chances two folds to pass the exam. And once you pass the exam and achieve the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification, you will excel in your cloud computing career for sure.