Technical Resume Pitfalls – What Employers Do Not Want To See On Your CV?


Recruiting managers go through a lot of resumes everyday. In this competitive IT world, it is quite easy to get your resume brushed aside. A smallest typo error can be a disadvantage for you, when compared to other candidates having comparable skills.

It is understandable that writing technical resume can be a daunting task for mechanical or software engineers, or professionals from any other career. Thus, it is important that you learn to avoid even the smallest possible mistakes.

Below mentioned are a few things that one must avoid while writing tech resume :

Complicated Format

In order to stand out in the competition, candidates usually over design their resume. Save yourself from all the hard work and time by keeping your CV as simple as it can be. Make sure that you use different font sizes or horizontal lines to indicate a change in section. However, it is suggested that you do not use weird fonts, crazy colors, or clipart.

Lengthy Resume

Your CV should be just one page long. This might sound a challenging task, but it can be easier if you only include your accomplishments and projects. If you have 15 years of experience, then avoid including jobs that you did soon after your graduation. Instead, you could just highlight your special skills that you acquired, while working during those years.

Including Confidential Information

There are a few details that you should not include in your resume such as marital status, religion, age, political affiliation, etc. This could give rise to unconscious biasness. Thus, it is best that you leave this piece of information off the page.

Lying About Experience or Education

Never ever lie on your CV. Most of the reputed companies carry out reference checks, which could bust someone who is dishonest about his or her experience and technical skills. You can get in touch with any of the career coaching Toronto services for preparing flawless IT resume.

Including Wrong Skills

Include only those skills, where you can demonstrate your ability to overcome any challenges in your project. Also, if it is not related to the kind of job you are applying for, then omit it. Always, cater your skills to the job you are applying for.

Some of the other mistakes that you need to avoid are:

  • Using the same information for all the job applications
  • Listing duties instead of your achievements
  • You missed proofreading

What do employers expect to see on your resume?

To improve your tech resume, it is important for you to understand two simple factors:

Can you perform the duties efficiently?

The first thing the employers want to know is whether you can do the job or not.

Evaluating Candidates to Fit Employee Culture

The second factor that the IT companies look for is whether the candidate can get along with other coworkers and blend into the current work environment.

Improve Your Tech Resume

The best possible document is the one that proves that you can perform your duties efficiently and responsibly, as well as fit in any organization. You can also take help from professional companies offering IT resume writing, in order to achieve the best results on your interview efforts.