Learn fundamental of typing with lots of fun with us

Computers are the basic need of our daily life and almost in every job sector, good typing speed is required. In early time people practiced typing on the computer. We all know that practice is required on the keyboard in order to learn complete and fast skills. These games will increase your typing skills with the fun and you do not need to get bored. Good typing skills opens the door of many governments as well as private jobs.

The master game for kids-

Dance Mat Typing is typing game for kids to learn them basic fundamentals of the keyboard typing. To teach kids basic and fundamental rules of the typing, it is divided into stages. Whatever you learn here you will remember always because the teaching style is very interesting. Teach and play to improve your typing speed. This typing game has four stages or levels to evaluate your typing speed. This game has divided into levels and each level is divided into three stages. You can evaluate you each stage by this game and surely you will get your typing speed faster than before with fun and enjoy.

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Learn and start getting better-

We all love playing games and Dance Mat Typing provide you the facility to play the game, have fun and learn basic rules. Learning something with interest remains forever or a long time in our memory. So the rules and basic you learn here help to remember forever. The levels are divided into row and columns. The row level one and stage one is to teach how to use fingers on the keyboard. You will learn here to use your fingers on the keyboard and play the game. This typing game is designed with cartoons and it attracts children.

While playing this game kid learns how to touch the keyboard and type. Wonderful audio is also playing at background during play. Kids love to play the game and learn to type on Dance mat game. This game is very simple and interesting to learn keyboard typing. After completing the levels you can feel that your keyboard typing speed is improved. Wonderful animation, nice background music, and easy steps help good teaching and practice for kids. As the level increases, you will get new and another level with some new rules and techniques for keyboard typing. These games are good to learn keyboard typing rules and improve the typing speed. From fundamental to next levels of the game you will enjoy.