Know why Mock Tests are important before CAT 2018?

Common Admission Test 2018 will be held on November 25, 2018, which in the offing. The examination will be conducted at 25 centers across 147 cities. With no time left in hand the last few weeks before the examination is for revision and practice. Mock tests are the best option to strengthen the preparation for CAT. It is a simulated test environment that is designed to give a real-time experience to the students and help the students to prepare for the upcoming examination.

The mock test is the apt platform that gives the aspirants a chance to work on their concepts, to make strategies, and to identify their weaknesses. This is the best way to optimize accuracy and learn the technique of time management. By practicing mock test paper, one gets to know how to attempt maximum questions with the given time span.

Things to Remember Before Taking CAT Mock Tests

Work on the basics of each topic before taking up the mock tests. If your concepts are not clear you won’t be able to complete a single test. Learn before you practice.

CAT has stopped the practice of toggling between sections. Hence, section-wise preparation is worth practicing. Learn each topic very clearly and mark the weak spots. Keep practicing and give emphasis on the topics you are not very confident about.

Complete your learning part before taking the mock tests. This way you will be able to focus on improving your timing skills and be able to strategize how to attempt the paper. Going back to learn new topics will kill your time and break the momentum of your preparation.

Why CAT Mock Tests are Important?

 The mock test is a very crucial component of CAT preparation regime. Why so? Let’s figure it out.

Detailed Analysis

The mock test is the best way to do a detailed analysis of your preparation. Giving mock tests will help to find out how prepared you are and where you are lagging. When you take a mock test, you get to know the pattern of the question paper which helps a lot to strategize how to attempt the questions to score more. You get the chance to analyze how to distribute your time among different weightage of questions.

Rectification of Error

Tracking your error and rectifying it on time is better than making blunders in the examination. This is best done by giving mock tests. The more tests you will take the better you get to know about your weaknesses. Giving a mock test will give the chance to put the best of your practice to work within the limited time span. This way you will find out how accurately you perform under pressure and in the given time span. Once you figure it out, it will be easy to prepare and rectify your errors accordingly.

Time Management

The key importance of mock tests is time management. Time plays the crucial role in competitive examination. You ace the examination if you know how to manage the time. This could be best achieved through mock tests. The tests are designed to give the real-time testing environment to figure out how to attempt questions and where to start from to complete the test within the stipulated time. The more test you take the better you get at managing your time and gain the speed along with accuracy.

Mock Test Websites

Today in the presence of internet there is a wide availability of content for CAT preparation. There are several websites that provide free mock tests for practice to the students. This is a very convenient way to prepare for the test at the comfort of the home, at any point in time and from anywhere with proper internet access. The online mock test does not require to enroll with any institute and invest a heavy sum of money. Have a look at some very well-known online portal for CAT mock tests.



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