JEE Main 2019: Self Study or Coaching institutes which is better?

As per the latest norms, class 12 board results have secured prime importance for procuring admissions in the nation’s top engineering institutes including IITs. The aspirant has to be in the top 20 percentile list of the respective class 12th board in addition to having the merit in JEE Main.Cracking JEE Main is a dream of many aspiring engineers, however, some count on coaching centres while others on themselves to sail through, and fewer among few ever get a chance to reach their destination.

Outsmarting the world’s toughest exam i.e. JEE Main is not an easy feat. As the saying went, practice makes a man perfect, students need constant practice and dedication irrespective of self-study or coaching whichever choice they make, in fact, we often saw examples of individuals, who despite not attending any coaching cents or classes are successfully selected with outstanding JEE Main Result.

According to an article published on August 24, 2016, in TOI, it is highlighted that “52% of students who cracked IIT this year relied on self-study”. It was recorded in 2016 that out of 10,576 students who got admissions in IITs,5539 students (52.4%) succeeded by studying themselves.

According to the report from the Joint Implementation Committee 2014, about 52% of JEE Advanced qualified candidates were those who relied on self-study to crack the entrance JEE Main. The share of candidates cracking JEE advanced 2014 with the help of coaching classes was just 48%, which is less than half from those who relied on self-study.

As we proceed on with discussing merits and demerits between both study options, let’s take a look to the below-jotted facts-

Coaching Centre

  • The reason why coaching centres are so popular is that they provide guidelines which can be taken as paved and pre-defined study plan for students, usually designed by experts, which are intended to be followed by the students.
  • Coaching centres usually provide students with their own study materials, mock test papers to help them prepare for JEE Main.
  • Coaching classes keep abreast with the changes regarding JEE Main pattern or syllabus.
  • Interactions with peers during the classes instil motivation, confidence and to some extent competitiveness that pushes them to do the best.
  • Coaching classes generally run at their own pace, but if you timely complete their assignments, there is a high chance for you to secure good scores in JEE Main.


  • The most exceptional thing about self-study is you are your own boss, you don’t have to follow the timetable imposed on you by professionals and you can make your own decisions. This is beneficial for students who are uncomfortable in moving with the pace of professional timetable by coaching centres.
  • In self-study, you have to search for your own materials and must purchase books as per the recommendations from teachers, seniors, parents or an expert you are in acquainted with.
  • Coaching centres are so much expensive these days, they can put a huge dent on your pocket. The most cost-effective way to study is self-study.
  • In self-study students should try and make up for their own mistakes and doubts, which is a double edge sword, however, if students pay attention to their answers such perils can be easily avoided.

Certainly, with the increasing competition and tougher barriers, the whole new industry of coaching centres has emerged to extract huge money from the parents of the aspirants. However, the statistics shared above prove that it is a misconception and advertised idea that coaching classes are crucial in enabling students to crack JEE Main because more than half of the qualified candidates had prepared through timely self -study without any coaching support. Yet, if one doesn’t have enough time to invest in self-study, it is advisable to invest money in coaching centres to let them do all professional level necessary planning, research and scheduling for you. In some instances, it is also not possible for everyone to stay self-motivated, disciplined, dedicated and focused then these JEE Main coaching centresare very helpful in getting good ranks in JEE Main 2019.