This is a training course tailored for people who are interested to become Licensed Tourist Guides under the purview of Ministry of Tourism in Malaysia. KAGC has been given the approval by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) to conduct the licensed Tourist Guide course. KAGC has proven excellent results and has continuously achieved the top best results released by the Ministry of Tourism. Since its inception, KAGC has worked closely with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, championing projects, researches and trainings to improve the industry standards.

Our honoured lecturers and trainers are proficient in the fields of Cultural Heritage Specialist Guide – a field which is recognised and endorsed by UNESCO and qualified by MOTAC. There are about only 16 professionals who are qualified to train in Malaysia, and at KAGC College, we have 3 of such trainers to expand the tourism industry through education.

What skills do you need to become a Tour Guide?

Tour Guides meet with tourists all over the world who are comfortable speaking their native languages. Despite the fact that you are leading the group who agrees to join a tour in English, being able to converse in their native language helps you connect and engage with them.

Friendly, helpful and responsible
Some of the characteristics of being a good Tour Guide is to be friendly, helpful and responsible as it shows good morale not only for you and the company you represent, but also Malaysia as a whole. A Tour Guide acts as an unofficial spokesperson for the country. How you treat tourists reflects who Malaysians truly are so the image of Malaysia rests in your hands.

Knowledge on historical matters
It’s one thing to pass your History exam in high school but it’s another to go to historical sites and explain in detail its historical background. Tour Guides must be equipped with as much knowledge about the country as possible, be it in history, politics, education system, developments, and of course, the food. You never know when tourists might ask you a random question out of the blue, and you don’t want to get embarrassed.

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