NMAT 2018 : Tips to avoid faltering, do’s and dont’s for the exam

The season of country’s major MBA entrance exams has begun with NMAT 2018. The first of this season, the test dates of NMAT 2018 have already started. Many of you might just have your NMAT test scheduled tomorrow, or a day after tomorrow or in the upcoming dates.

For those who are strictly targeting colleges like NMIMS Mumbai, MISB Bocconi and others which only accept NMAT 2018 scores, this first attempt can just be a deciding moment for your career. While for those who are going to appear for other exams as well, NMAT 2018 is going to be a perfect platform setter.

And thus, since a healthy bit of stake on this exam, you have to make sure that you give your 100% in the test. Although we are all there to obtain the maximum possible scores, but even we don’t get that, one more important thing is attempting the test to our best possible extent. Therefore, to make sure that you do your best while going for NMAT 2018, we have brought a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you need to take care of.

By taking care of these things, you can make sure that you don’t falter in the exam and have a smooth experience. So let us not waste any more time and move straight onto the tips. Here we go: –

Do’s for NMAT 2018

There are some things that you should definitely do before or during your exam. Take a look at these and do them to make sure you give your best shot: –

Revise your notes properly

If you have 2-3 days to your exam, then start revising your notes right now. Make sure that you save all the important formulae and rules right there in your brain’s hard disk.

It is seen quite often that we are not able to recall a particular formula or concept during the exam. This sometimes happens due to the ticking of the timer, but mostly it is due to lack of revision. If you want to make sure that nothing such happens with you, start revising your notes now.

Reach the center before time

Instead of saying reach the center on time, we are deliberately saying you to reach at least 30 minutes before the reporting time. When we reach such place before time, our time adapts to the situation easily and gets better ready to face the exam. Further, departing before time (from home / hostel / residence) gives you extra time to compensate for any uncontrolled delay (like traffic jams).

On the other hand, reaching right on time might now allow your body and mind to settle down, thereby impacting your performance. Reaching late is never an option as you will be debarred from the exam in such a case.

Carry all the essentials with you

Also, one thing that you should definitely take care of is that you must carry all the essential things with you. These include your admit card, photograph, photocopy of ID proof and the original ID proof. Plus, you should carry some pens and pencils too.

Ignoring one of the essentials can prohibit you from entering the exam hall. Therefore, it is probably the most important ‘Do’ you should consider.

Keep your body healthy

Yes, it is very important that you keep your body in a healthy state before you start your exam. As they all say, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” you should make sure that your body stays healthy.

Therefore, do get enough sleep before the test day. Further, eat properly (do not overeat / under-eat). Further, stay away from doing any heavy physical task a day before the test.

Don’ts for NMAT 2018

There are some activities / things that you must avoid in your NMAT 2018. Here are these: –

Do not carry anything unnecessary to the examination center

We all are aware of the fact that calculators and other electronic devices are not allowed inside the examination hall. Although there will be proper checking done, but if still somehow something gets left in your pocket, give it to the invigilators.

You must know that if something suspicious is found with you, you will not only be debarred from the exam but some legal procedures might also be taken. Take care of that.

Do not start using ‘guesses’ in the start

The major difference between NMAT 2018 and all other exams is that NMAT does not have any negative marking. This is a joy for most of the candidates, but is also a pretty clever set up by the conducting body.

Absence of negative marking attracts the candidates towards guessing, which is not always beneficial. When you are left with just 2 minutes and there are 10 tough questions, then guessing might be used. But during the initial minutes, this strategy does not work at all.

Do not get stuck on a question

NMAT 2018 is a speedy game. 120 minutes, 120 questions and there is begins. You have to quickly keep on solving questions, and have to move forward if you can’t solve one. Therefore, it is an utmost sin to get stuck on a question.

Within the test, do not play the ego game. If you are unable to solve a question even from your favorite topic, accept it and move ahead. With every second you waste, there is someone who is solving questions to move ahead of you.

These 7 pointers will help you to get the best of your time. Note them down and make sure that you follow these. Good Luck!