Is online learning the future of education?

If you thought social media was going to be the biggest thing in the history of mankind, there is no doubt Artificial Intelligence must have forced you to re-think the narrative. We are poised for greater things in future, maybe larger than life itself. Human robots like Sophia, Google assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Alexa, and many others are only but a glimpse into a future that is already here.

This post explores the future of learning, particularly, how the internet is shaping it. For a student who has been able to find thesis help online, there are probably many questions going through your mind right now such as the following:

  • Will there come a time when students will no longer sit in classrooms?
  • How is Edtech changing the future of education?
  • Is learning online set to trigger a paradigm shift in pedagogical approaches to academia?

The internet- A giant leap forward ever

The truth is that since its invention, the internet continues to surpass expectations. You are not only able to access the web from anywhere in the world but also to do editing jobs from the comfort of your living room. In a big way, the internet is arguably the best thing that has happened to mankind, and the fact that it is the force that helps create awareness about today’s and future’s tech inventions makes it indispensable.

The future of education

Now, given the power of the internet of things (IoT), to say that online education is the future is an understatement. The following reasons help explain this facet of education, and why we can only be part of it.

  • Flexibility and self-paced learning

Students who are also employees do not always find time to attend classroom lectures, but with internet connectivity, they can very well do so from the comfort of their offices via live links. It means the internet is not only assigning flexibility to learning experiences but also brings with it, a self-paced approach to education. You can learn at your own speed, time and anywhere.

  • Education opportunities for all

You may have thought online classrooms and tutors are complicating things only to realize it is a wrong way of looking at today’s world. Technology keeps soaring to greater heights and so is its spread all over the world. It is complementary in education. While it may have limitations compared to traditional methods, online learning helps educators reach out to as many students as possible. It may not have reached full-scale, but governments around the world are actively investing in pedagogy and internet-enabled Edtech gadgets.

  • Affordable

If you compare internet-based learning and traditional classroom settings, disparities that arise are not always about the quality. Online education is reducing costs of academia for needy students. It is many folds cheaper acquiring a degree online than doing so attending a college physically, every day. Moreover, students are nowadays able to access books via e-libraries and e-shops affordably at cheaper prices than walking into a nearby bookshop.

The Bottom Line

Technology is the future of education but internet fuels it.  Many of the world’s Ivy League Universities now have an online study or distant learning programs. And if you didn’t know, the internet makes it possible to have integrated school and classroom management systems.