Five tips for effective email marketing

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Email marketing is an intrinsic part of acquitting and retaining customers, and while no approach fits all, here are a few tips for success you can apply to your niche market.

Mind your Subject line

The first step to a winning email blast is ensuring that you make it past the spam folder and into the primary inbox. That requires having a subject line and content that does not scream ‘buy me’ asking, and forcefully so, for the receiver to purchase your product or subscribe to a service. The email subject should be enticing to an individual receiving your email for the first time. If you’re selling home insurance and your subject line mentions as much, the person is likely to mark it as such. Consider coming up with ways to create appealing emotional headlines that do not oversell or overpromise your product or service. Clickbait depicts a brand as dishonest.

Provide meaningful content

The first line should be a hook that creates interest and invites a person to read on to find out what you’re about. The material should be well thought out and add value by highlighting the benefits a potential customer stands to gain by engaging with your brand. The promise of a free trial or product is often useful in attaining a lead.  It should be well thought out as it is possible the first interaction a person has with your brand. Given many other businesses are competing for their attention, aim to be memorable and authentic to your brand. Remember to include your credentials; why should they enact your call to action?

Be available

Sharing all your brand’s contact information implies that you’re keen on creating a pleasurable customer experience. If the person chooses not to engage with your email but later develop a need for your product or service, giving them alternative channels to reach you on makes for a convenient way to contact you. Once an inquiry comes in, it is crucial that responses get put forth promptly. This aspect aids in fostering trust between the business and the potential customer.

Follow up

Once you’ve generated interest, create a follow-up mechanism here you appeal to those yet to take action and those following up alike. Keeping yourself in their radar increases visibility and familiarity that, should the same person encounter your messaging on another platform, encourage them to engage.

Don’t oversell

When all emails are about selling, a person is more than likely to unsubscribe to your service. Depending on the frequency with which you send out emails, consider using a 1:3 or 1:5 ration where, for any email appealing to someone to purchase someone, send three or five more with useful content that either informs, educates or entertains a person.