How to Start an Axe Throwing Blog Using WordPress

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Do you love throwing axes at large targets?  Hopefully, if you do, it’s aimed at a large target in the woods or at specially designed bullseyes at tournaments.  Craft axe throwing is a game, and yes there are actually leagues and events where you win by earning points.

It’s really very simple.  The closer you get to the bullseye, the more points you win. It’s a game that requires very little experience, if any.  It’s more of a social gathering with a little competition thrown in for good measure.

How to Get the Word Out

Perhaps you are very passionate about axe throwing and you want to find like minded individuals to join you.  The question is, how? There’s always Facebook and Instagram; but perhaps you’ve tried that and are still not satisfied with the outreach so far.  So, what else is there? Why not start a blog?

A blog you say.  Really? How difficult is that?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. is an excellent place to start your blog because this site will allow you to build your blog and/or website from your perspective.  The site has features built in, such as optimization, themes, and other high-tech strategies that will help you get the word out about your axe throwing hobby locally or help you to create a business around it worldwide.

How Do I start? has a plan that is perfect for you.  It doesn’t matter what the budget maybe. Even with their free option you can have a professional looking theme, tons of storage space, the support of the WordPress community and more perks than can be listed here.

Once you get into the blogging business with their easy access and you find that you want more features, you can choose from a trio of plans that fit your wallet.  Each plan includes your custom domain name, even more file space, and a top-notch support team.

Want to earn money from your blog?  Well, that’s not a problem either, because some plans are inclusive of custom designs, monetization opportunities, and plugins that will make your blog stand out and profitable at the same time. And don’t forget, new axe throwing locations are going live all the time.

How can you go wrong with all of these options?  If you are fearful or overwhelmed with the thought of starting a blog, but still want to try one, what better way than for free?  As you gain more confidence, and more followers, you can expand your blog and your finances, with more options at a reasonable price.

Axe Throwing is Here to Stay!

Blogging is making a comeback, it seems.  Maybe it’s just drawing more attention these days, but people like you, who are looking to get your hobbies or business out to the public are using every tactic possible. can offer you and inexpensive way to express yourself, and to also bring your passion and hobbies to the public’s attention. Why not look into it today? There are many options.