The Increasing trend of the Ebook in comparison to actual Books

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The habit of reading books is considered a good one. It doesn’t matter what you read, the constant practice of reading something is an activity that will not harm you in any manner. It is bound only to enhance your language skills mainly helping you in expanding your vocabulary. It also teaches the correct usage of words and makes it easier to learn the meaning of difficult words.

But with the technology taking over, now everything is available online over the internet. Even the books which are available as a hardcopy, are also launched on the internet as soft copy known as eBook. It has the chance of coming into contact with a large number of the target audience as compared to traditional books. The ultimate reason is that it will be available all over the internet, rather than launching in a few countries. As most people cannot afford to get their books published, they launch an Ebook so that they can witness the reactions of the readers.  

The advantages of publishing your book online as an eBook are:

  • By putting your writing over the internet, you will be able to make it everlasting. In the case of traditional books, you might have to get it printed and reprinted, to keep it in circulation. But online publications will always remain over the internet, even if you stop the printing. Once released it is bound to stay up forever so that everyone can access it whenever they want.

  • They have an added advantage of being taken anywhere with ease. Unlike the hard copies of the book which are troublesome to carry, the online version can be easily stored in your mobile phone, tablet or kindle. It occupies very little memory space on the phone and gives you the experience of reading the text from the original book.

But even with many perks, using mobile screens for a long duration may also affect you in many ways. It may cause eyesight issues like watering of eyes. Also, the screen reflects glare and rays which are harmful to the eyes. It may also cause headaches and neck sprain. So, although the eBook has made many things easy, it can also affect you unfavorably. Its impact can be very severe depending upon the time for which you are exposed to the screen, and your eyes focus on the font of the text.