How NAPLAN Tutoring Helps Your Child

Contrary to popular belief, NAPLAN, or the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy, is not about passing or failing. Rather, it is about the teachers assessing the progress of the students and the parents having an idea of how their child is progressing against other Australian students in the same year level.

Despite this, it is great if your little one passes the test with flying colours. It is when the sheer importance of preparing him or her before May comes in. With enough preparation, the test can become less stressful to both you and your child, and the results can show that he or she is doing well in the four key areas that the test wants to assess: reading, writing, language conventions, and numeracy.

If you want to make sure that your child is going to perform very well, consider getting in touch with a NAPLAN tutoring expert, preferably a year before taking the exam. It will give your youngster plenty of time to build his or her confidence through improving strengths and dealing with weaknesses in the various fundamental learning areas.

Provides Practice

NAPLAN can be quite daunting not only for the students but also their parents. It is especially true if your little one is currently in year three and is taking NAPLAN for the first time. One of the reasons for such is that no one knows what the tests would look like exactly. Thanks to a qualified NAPLAN tutor, your child can undergo practice tests, so he or she will know that there is no need to feel daunted excessively.

Improved Time Budgeting

Students have a limited amount of time to complete a NAPLAN test. It can range from 40 minutes to 65 minutes, depending on the year level and area of learning being tested. Because of this, your child should know how to budget his or her time during the test properly. One of the many perks associated with NAPLAN tutoring is that your little one will be taught how to use his or her limited time for every NAPLAN test section wisely by identifying which questions should be answered first and which ones should be answered last.

Better Understanding

Refrain from assuming that a certified tutor will only prepare your child for NAPLAN. It also enables him or her to be ready for the many other challenges inside and outside the classroom. For instance, having improved reading capabilities can make it easier for your child to understand lessons better and apply this fundamental skill to everyday life. In other words, the effect of hiring a NAPLAN tutor extends beyond getting high NAPLAN test scores.

Eliminates Stress

Many students feel stressed when NAPLAN is mentioned. The closer May gets, the higher their stress levels get. The problem with experiencing a lot of stress is that it can get in the way of preparing for NAPLAN. On the exam day itself, it can keep the students from reading the questions carefully and answering them very well. By getting your youngster tutored before NAPLAN, he or she can have a more relaxed state of mind, which is important for focusing on the test. As a parent, you can also feel less stressed knowing that your child is prepared.

Don’t just hire any NAPLAN tutor that you can find. Go for one with years of industry experience and lots of very satisfied clients in the form of happy students and parents.