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In fishing one of the most important elements and the one we take least care of is the thread . The line, gut, thread or hair (as we want to call it) does not usually have all the care it requires. We usually fill the spools with thread and forget about it indefinitely.

If the fishing line breaks in the middle of the day it is not bad luck, but bad preparation or poor condition of the material. Here are the 5 best rated fishing ideas for you

However, if we think about it, it is the most important piece of our equipment: you can fish with a rod or with a spool in poor condition, but as the thread is not in condition, fishing will never happen. So we should pay more attention to it.

Fishing line care requirements are very simple:


  • Watch out for the sun


Do not leave the rods and reels in the sun because it could burn our equipment.


  • Wash with fresh water


Sweeten the entire material well after the fishing day. Basically it is a matter of washing the spool and the thread with fresh water, but without putting pressure on it, as pressurized water usually spoils the spools. The fresh water should be very abundant to undo the salt inside the reel.


  • Renew thread every season


Change the spool thread every season. In this way we will ensure the optimal state for our battles. This is something that is generally only done in deep sea fishing because if the material is not in perfect condition you cannot fish.

We know it can be somewhat expensive, but it is often less than we think, because we find quality bobbins of thread on the market at very affordable prices. For example, 500 meters of nylon of 30 pounds for just 15 euros, does not seem to me something prohibitive for the profitability of the matter, if we think that a brand artificial costs us that or more.


  • Fishing line care


Assemble the thread by rewinding backwards

Put the end of the spool at the beginning: once a year we can take out the thread and rewind the spool inside out. This way we will fish the second season with new thread, since regularly we never take more than 20% of our thread out of the reel and in this way it is almost as if we released the thread.


  • Minimum standards


Make careful selection of the thread. It should be approved by IGFA, the international association of sport fishing, which guarantees minimum quality standards.

We must take into account that the explicit resistance in the labels of the coils and know that sometimes the threads break at 60% or 70% of maximum advertised load. On the other hand, the reels are regulated to a maximum brake with a resistance of 1/3 of what they mark as the maximum load, so it would be recommended for a 30-pound line that the reel at 5 kilos of pressure release line without problems, so we guarantee the null breakage due to excess brake, something very common among beginners. How many times have we heard that a fish in battle broke the line? That is not bad luck that is always bad preparation or poor condition of the material.