How Can Working Adults Learn The Basic Mandarin Course?

While it is true that learning a new language is much easier for younger children as they can absorb information better, that does not mean adults cannot do it. The progress might be slower, but adults can learn anything as long as they put their heart into it. That means you should not just be satisfied completing the basic Mandarin course in Singapore but challenge yourself more so you can become fluent.

But you can learn Mandarin efficiently if you exert more time and effort. Consider following the tips below while attending a Chinese language course for adults in Singapore.

1. Be Familiar With Pinyin

Mandarin is a tonal language, so if your pitch is one level above, what you meant to say would have a different meaning. Becoming familiar with pinyin, an official romanticisation of Mandarin will help you read the characters with ease.

2. Converse With A Native Speaker

Practising your Mandarin in an actual conversation with a native speaker will help you understand the language better. It might not be easy at first, but you will get used to speaking in Mandarin over time.

3. Go to Chinese Events Locally

If you do not know a native speaker to start a  conversation with, you can also practise what you have learned from your Chinese tutor for adults in Singapore by going to Chinese events. Whether buying food or asking for directions, you can use your Mandarin skills for short chitchat.

4. Record Your Study Material

Besides practising the pronunciation of characters, you should also know how to write them. Consider keeping a record of handwriting Chinese characters so you can see how much you have improved throughout the year.

5. Watch Chinese Shows With Subtitles

Once you have completed the basic Mandarin course in Singapore, you can test your skills by watching Chinese shows with subtitles. Doing so should help you determine whether or not you have learned anything from your Chinese classes.

6. Label Your Home

Labelling your home in Mandarin can help you remember what items are called and use them in your daily life and conversations with others. Make sure to add the pinyin of each character so it will be easier for you to recall their pronunciation.

Now that you know what you need to do, why don’t you sign up for Mandarin classes for adults in Singapore? Contact Mandarin Plus at +65 9720 7491 or leave a message on their website if you are interested.