3 In-Demand University Degrees in Singapore Today

One of the most valuable personal assets in society isn’t money or anything tangible. It’s talent, and more particularly, learned skills, that makes the world go around. Without the help of professionals in various industries to shape our way of life today, we wouldn’t have most of the modern conveniences that make life great.

As someone aspiring to go further in life, you’ll need proper education to help you prepare for your career path. But which career path should you choose? You might want to get into a career that can provide you with stable and attractive opportunities. You might not even need a masters programme in Singapore.

Here are 3 career paths you can look into.

1. Hospitality and tourism management.

With millions of people flying each year, the hospitality industry isn’t going to go away anytime soon. A diploma in hospitality and tourism management will open many career paths for you, including working at hotels and other tourist attractions. You might even see something new!

2. Business management.

Fancy yourself an entrepreneur? A supply chain management course in Singapore, for example, allows you to forge your business from scratch. Or, you can look for managerial positions in well-known businesses. A degree in business offers you great versatility in career growth.

3. Computer science and IT.

 The future is in technology. People with a degree in computer science in Singapore are highly sought after by companies. People in these fields tend to be higher-paid. If you’re one of the people who have knowledge in creating digital content or technology, then you’re part of a group of people with high-value skill-sets needed in almost every industry.

Learning is the key to going further with your innate skills, talents, and interests. Why not pursue higher education to know more about how far you can go? Reach out to Amity Global Institute to enrol in a masters programme in Singapore.