Homeschool – Is My Child Learning Enough?

Any person who decided that their kids will take a homeschool for some reasons will always be uncertain whether the child is learning enough or not. On the other hand, those who are in public or private schools have regular evaluations through tests and the approach of trained teachers. They also have the benefit of accessing well planned and evaluated resources for their learning. They can easily access websites like, which is a recommendation by their school. However, the mom or dad who has taken the initiative to have the kid start learning at home can have some better approach to determine whether the child is learning enough.

Reasonable Period

A homeschool may have a challenge of determining the appropriate duration to teach the kid. According to reports, most home schools take a shorter time than the normal school. The tutor will feed the kid with the education fast which shortens the period. They skip numerous parts that schools have incorporated like games, social activities and others.

The danger that this brings to a kid is that they can get overwhelmed by the studies even if they are genius. One may also skip activities that emphasis on a particular subject. As a parent, try as much as possible to see that the kid follows the right channel and takes almost the same time as those in schools.

Regular Testing

As mentioned earlier, public schools do have tests on a regular basis. Weekly tests tell the teachers where they are in their teaching efforts and if there is anything they can do to make things better. Regular evaluation of performance tracks the ability of a kid at school and give teachers an idea of what is needed of them.

On the other hand, homeschool may not have such tests. This locks the parent or home tutor from understanding the capabilities of a kid. Parents should emphasis on the importance of regular testing. Preferably, it should be done on a weekly basis or before proceeding to the next topic in each subject.

Understand the Kid

A homeschool may be facilitated because of a disability or any other medical condition. Others prefer doing this if the school is not near the home. If the parent takes the initiative to educate the child, it is crucial that they take time and understand the kid. Sometimes it may be difficult, especially if parents are not keen. Teachers in schools are trained to understand and know their kids within the first few days.

The good thing about knowing the kid is that it will tell you when they are learning or not. Moods and expressions will tell a lot to the home tutor or the parent who is teaching the kid. Understand when they are learning and when they are not.


Homeschool may not be the best solution for any kid. When inevitable, the home tutor and parents need to understand everything about the child’s studies. If they miss a concept, it may affect their future since they will be competing with those who spent their time in schools. Ensure that you know whether the kid is learning or not.