Whether at your home country or abroad, some students find that their school or major is not the best fit after they go to college, but it is almost impossible for Chinese students to transfer to another domestic university if they are studying in China. The Chinese higher education system is not allowed. However, the American university transfer (also known as 美国大学转学 in Chinese) is much easier. No matter what the reason you need to transfer to another school, you will be admitted as long as you meet the admission requirement for the transfer school. Applying for transfer to a US university is a shortcut for many Chinese students to enter a prestigious US school.

Common types of transfer to American universities

Five Types Suitable Candidates
American University Transfer Currently studying at a four-year university in the United States, it is a freshman or sophomore.
Chinese universities transfer to American universities Currently studying in Chinese four-year universities, it is a freshman or sophomore, hoping to experience foreign study.
Chinese specialties schools transfer to American universities Currently studying in China, or graduated from a college, hoping to enter an American university to continue undergraduate study or complete a master’s degree.
Community College to Four-Year University After completing a two-year community college in the United States, already received an associate degree and hope to continue undergraduate degree.
American language school to university Studying language school in the United States, after improving the English level, I hope to apply for admission to a US Schools.

What are the preparations for transfer to American universities?

 Before you transfer to an American university, you need to understand the following five questions:

  1. Does your target university major accept transfer students?
  2. Does your target university have a quota for the grade you applied for this year?
  3. How many transfer credits can you accept from your target university?
  4. Does your current GPA meet the standard?
  5. Do you meet the SAT and TOEFL exemptions?

Transfer process at a US university

  1. First, choose the target school and submit the application materials according to the school requirements.
  2. After obtaining the acceptance letter, apply to the original school for transfer, and the original school will release your SEVIS.

If you have lost the Out of Status and SEVIS has expired, you will not be able to transfer normally. Instead, you will need to reinstate your student status through Reinstatement. (Refer to the remedy for withdrawal)

  1. On the day of your SEVI release date, the new school will receive your SEVIS and issue a new I-20. The transfer was successfully completed.
  2. After registering for the new school, you will continue to study at the new school as a F-1 Status.


Be sure to keep your full-time course in the original school before the new school accepts you, otherwise you may be expelled from original school and lose your student status (also known as 美国大学开除).