Creating an Annotated Bibliography: 7 Best APA Format Generator

Among the various formatting techniques, you will come across in writing your academic papers, is the APA format. It stands for the American Psychological Association, a professional organization of psychologists in the US.

As such, this style is standard in social sciences. Each writing style has its unique set of rules that an academic paper must abide by. That includes when using an annotated bibliography generator APA.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Before you use an annotated bibliography creator, you must first understand what is expected of you.

It is similar to a “typical” bibliography or what others may refer to as Reference list/ Works Cited. However, you have to go further and include short paragraphs about each source.

An annotated bibliography can be descriptive or evaluative. The former, a brief description of the content of the source. The latter involves description and critical evaluation of the source.

Top Citation-Specific Bibliography Generators

  1. APA Citation Wizard

This handy tool offers users an easy way to reference online material for your paper. It could be a webpage, online book, or journal. When using it on publication manuals, ensure that the citation is for the current edition.

  1. Citation Producer

You can only use this tool for APA and MLA styles. It has a simple interface so that you won’t be distracted by too much going on your screen. Also, it provides users with useful links to help one understand each formatting requirements better.

  1. KnightCite

It’s a tool by Calvin College’s, Hekman Library. It helps create an elementary citation from a book, dictionary, encyclopedia, reference work, or republication. All you need to do is key in the details in the required field and click submit.

Best All-around Bibliography Creators

  1. EasyBib

It’s not just a bibliography APA generator as its paid option offers users with a great many useful features. It can act as a grammar and plagiarism checker, in addition to allowing you to cite multiple sources in different styles.

  1. Zotero

As a reference management software, you can use Zotero to collect, organize, and share your research. It also has citation generation features that support 8000 citation styles. With this tool, you can import relevant source material with a click.

You can also synchronize your research material across devices.

  1. Qiqqa

It’s suitable for managing research material and generating your citations. Research documents are made accessible across your devices. Also, Qiqqa can identify research material and categorize them to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

  1. Mendeley

This tool allows for the discovery of research data, management, and sharing of research papers. Also, you can use it to collaborate with other researchers on the same document. To help users stay up to date, you receive personalized recommendations that you can share with others.

Should you use an APA Bibliography Generator?

There are many citation generators online to choose from. If you have little clue on what to do for your APA citation, try using the above tools. Since many offer different citation styles, ensure that you select the option for APA citation.