Best Synthetic Urine To Pass A Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test

Two Test Tubes

The only fool-proof way to beating a drug test is to abstain for a sufficient period before the drug test. Marijuana takes the longest time to pass the system with chronic smokers testing positive up to 60 days after they stop smoking. The other illegal substances take a couple of days or so to move out of your system. One way you can combat this is to use synthetic urine from This is a great resource for a lot of people. You will be smart if you use them.

  • The frequency of use: Contrary to what most people think, people who use a specific drug more often are more likely to pass a drug test after a short abstinence period. The reason behind this discovery is the more you use a substance, the more your body grows used to metabolizing the substance faster than a person who is an occasional enthusiast.

  • Body fat: The more body fat you have, the slower your metabolic rate. Besides, some metabolites are stored in fat cells and will only leave the body one the fat cells are broken down and converted into energy. Body fat is one of the reasons why sweat patches can have a false positive for someone who used to use a substance that got stored in their fat cells.

  • The dug’s half-life: The half-life of a compound is the length of the period in which the element reduces the activity of its active compound by half. The longer the drug’s half-life, the longer the compounds will be present in your body.

  • Metabolism: As we have already established, metabolism has everything to do with how fast a substance is expelled from your body. If you wish to pass a drug test in a couple of days, try raising your metabolic rate days before the drug test. A higher metabolism will ensure the components get broken down faster.

  • Physical condition: Illness causes your metabolism to slow down leading to more extended detection periods. Therefore, if you are ill, avoid taking any recreational drugs pending a drug test. And anyway, you shouldn’t be taking recreational drugs when you are sick in the first place.

  • Urine Ph: Acids break down other components. The lower your urine Ph, the shorter the detection time.

How to pass a urine test

  • Avoid submitting the very first sample of urine after you wake up. It has the highest concentration of metabolites. If you have to give an emergency sample, urinate first and provide the middle passing of your leak into the cup.

  • Hydrate and take a lot of fiber. A healthy diet will also help in preventing fat storage and drinking water. It works as well as flushing out your system.

  • Work out and sweat it out. As we discussed, the higher your metabolism rate, the faster the components are broken down and are out of your system. Cardio, aerobic and high impact workouts will help flush drugs out of your body’s network as soon as possible. Remember to stay hydrated as you work out.

  • Detox drinks: a lot of companies swear by their foul smelling and bitter tasking cleanses. You don’t have to go to extremes, a good cup of green tea coupled with sufficient hydration is enough to do the trick. What most detox drinks have is a high concentration of vitamins such as B12 that mask diluted urine when you have drunk too much water. An alternative is getting the vitamins from the source food itself. It will also ensure you get our daily fiber requirement.

Other unorthodox means of passing your test are

  • Synthetic Urine: You will have to maintain the temperature of the bought synthetic because the practitioner who is taking the test measures it the temperature first. Also, there are some markers you need to check in the ingredients to qualify the urine such as gravity, pH levels, Uric acid, urea, and vitamins.

  • Substitute urine: If you can, get a clean friend to help you with their sample. This method might not work in some cases because a professional will have to watch you take the sample to ensure its integrity.