Best Reference Books for VITEEE Preparation

A student aspiring for an engineering college has to go through many examinations and each one of them a definitive syllabus of their own. Various private universities have their own examinations for entrance to their courses. There is an examination conducted by the government which is the JEE main and JEE advance to get admissions in IIT or NIT and also state Entrance examinations to get entrance in state governed colleges but there are also exams like BITSAT, VITEEE, and entrances for universities life UPES, KIT, JAYPEE  etc.

 These entrances have their own importance and these are the ways to get admissions in their respective universities and these all have a definitive testing pattern, syllabus, criteria for checking and level of questions etc. preparation for various examinations for engineering entrances becomes really hectic like these and it is a really tough job to maintain cool during all this and prepare nicely for all the exams. The difference in syllabus makes all the work a really tough one to do.

Since these are good universities which offer very good career prospects in the future thus performance in these exams becomes all the very more important for the student and in this world of uncertainties it is very good to have an ace up your sleeve. It is very nice to have a backup college in case the student is not able to make up to the IITs or NITs. All these factors increase the importance of these exams for the student and put an extra burden on the student to perform in these examinations.

VITEEE is one such exam which is the entrance test to the VIT University or the Vellore Institute of Technology. VIT is a very famous and prominent university in the country which offers a very good career prospect and a nice college life. VIT is also a private college thus it has a huge fee and thus scoring a scholarship is the main target of the students. This increases the attention and importance V ITEEE gets. The college has some extra topics in the syllabus for its entrance which are not there for JEE main. The books which are helpful for preparation of VITEE are:

For mathematics, physics and chemistry the prominently suggested book is NCERT and that only a student should follow. But there are a few topics which are not there in the NCERT books and thus the student is recommended to go through these topics taking help of the online classes.

Other than that the reference books that are recommended are:

For Physics: H C Verma which is the evergreen book or D.C Pandey which is available for mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, modern and optics.

For Chemistry: Organic chemistry from books like Paula Bruice, MCQs from Chauhan, Organic chemistry videos from Toppr.

For Mathematics: Objective type R.D Sharma, maths unsolved by Arihant publications by DR. S. K. Goyal etc.

Apart from these past papers from AIEEE also helps and their unsolved collection is provided by the Arihant publication. There is also the past papers of  VITEEE provided for practise by various publications and there are also mock papers which help to a very great extent.