3 Tips for Teaching French to Your Child

Children pick up languages very fast. They are uninhibited. Experts say that the best time to learn a new language is when one is five years old. By then, they have mastered their first language. They are also curious and mature enough not to be overwhelmed by a new language.

Despite being straightforward, teaching a child, a new language will not be a walk in the park. They may learn quickly, but these tots can barely sit still long enough to get through a lesson plan. Therefore, you must use tricks to keep them interested. Be playful with the lessons. Be careful not to overdo it. For example, a two-hour French class for a child under seven is a little much. Below are three great tips that will help you teach French to your child effectively and successfully.

Family involvement, your first thought might be to get a tutor. However, if the tutor is not experienced in teaching kids, they will get bored pretty quickly and abandon the whole idea. You are your child’s best French tutor, at least at the beginner level. Children learn languages through repetition. It would help if you tried to recruit other family members to use a few English phrases and words around the house. You may start small with polite words and counting in French, learn French names for colors and use those instead of the English ones. This will pique the child’s interest in the language.

If a member of the family is available or willing, they may learn French with the child. A lot of positive reinforcement will do wonders for the child. Kids like to please their parents and guardians. They will be motivated to learn more French words if they see how happy it makes them.

Tour Eiffel En Construction, Juillet 1888, ParisMake it fun

A fun French learning experience will help the child develop and maintain interest. You may embed French into particular bonding time. You can do this by listening and dancing to French music. You may also do some French activities. Learn a little bit about French culture and incorporate it into your family life. Tell them interesting stories about random topics like French icebergs, for example. Tell them French fairytales. It will be wise to research useful resources.

Arm yourself

There are many resources you could make use of. YouTube, first and foremost, is quite the buddy. You can also find a lot of software and applications that help children learn French. Make sure to pay attention to gender specification as you speak and teach them. The idea here is to multiply the level of contact with the language.


Before you begin anything :

  • Do your research ;
  • Try it out to see if being multilingual is something your child is interested in ;
  • Consult with professionals and people who have successfully taught French to their kids.

The biggest tip to remember is to let the child lead their learning but maintain a level of control.