Why you should consider UPSC after graduation?

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Union Public Service Commission conducts one of the prestigious exams in India, Civil Service Examination. Lakhs of aspirants appear for the exams every year. Even doctors, public sector employees, corporate employees, married man, woman, students everyone appear for the exam.

Here are some of the reasons for you to consider UPSC after graduation.

Serve the Nation

A Civil Servant as a bureaucrat has authority to implement many developmental schemes for the nation. It is social service. Many billionaires do social service from their own pocket but it is your job nature and you are even paid for doing the service. You work for the people and this gives ultimate satisfaction. It is a payback opportunity for you to the country.

Self Worthy

UPSC conducts civil service exams with transparency. The selection process is very fair. Bribing or any recommendations won’t succeed in UPSC board. If you work hard and give your hundred percent then you will be successful in the exams. Only your hard working nature and caliber are important in Civil Services Exam. People never underestimate the ability of a Civil Servant and always show respect towards them. It gives a privilege in society that no other job can do.

Paid Leave to Study

Many people are unaware of this but a Civil Servant can get 2-3 years of leave to pursue higher education. If they want to go abroad for education, they can. Government bears most of the expenses. Does any other job provide you this unbelievable perks? No right. This is one of the amazing benefits for a Civil Service Officer.

Work Life Balance

Usually people believe that Civil Servant won’t have enough time to spend with their families, they are always under work pressure. But it is not true. They have ample time to spend with their families. They have an option to ask government to provide peaceful assignments so that they can devote some time to their families.

They have many holidays in the name of gazetted holidays, 5 days a week work schedule, 30 days of full earned leaves per year and 20 days of half pay leave. Rather than this every government officer have an option to take five years of extraordinary leave which is unpaid to take care of personal needs. A female government officer gets two years of fully paid leave to take care of their children apart from maternity leave. The job is very flexible and officers can choose the postings according to their requirement.

Excellent paycheck and perks

The salary of a Civil Servant varies from 37,000 to 80,000. This is just the initial salary. Their salaries increase with each promotion and there are a lot of allowances in addition to the salary.

The officers are provided with house, phone, car, Children Education allowance, medical allowance, Travel concession. Most of the allowances are free of tax.

Job Security

A private job holder is at mercy of company and its head. They can terminate any employee they like. There is no job security in private sector. On contrary, the conditions regarding Civil Servants are determined by Parliament and no one holds an authority to change it. Their service is protected by an article 311, according to which their service cannot be terminated without any proper reason and a chance to defend themselves.

If the officers feel that their termination was unfair, they have a chance to approach court for justice. If the officer is on right side of law, no politicians or big shots can affect their service period.


A bureaucrat holds the highest power in the public sector.  A Civil Servant executes each and every scheme designed by the government and there are times when an officer from specific service must sign documents on behalf of the President.


The prestige associated with Civil services is magnificent and cannot be matched with any other post. The whole world sees them from a different perspective. They are the people who made it to the top services of the nation. So they are treated with utmost respect and glory.

If you are ready to work hard and are very deterministic then the right choice for you is UPSC. It requires lot of hard work and sheer determination. Once you get through it, you can experience lot of perks that you would’ve never even imagined.