How to Come Up with a More Impactful Research

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Every researcher aims at creating work that is going to have a profound effect on society. This can be a real challenge though especially since most of the time, research work tends to only get disseminated in the academic circles. If what you are hoping for is a work that is going to be read more and one that will have a better impact, then below are some steps that might help you achieve just that.

Work with stakeholders

Before you start composing your work, you will need to remember how the stakeholders are. These are organisations and people that are interested in your work. They may also be in such a position that will help your work get more impact and even provide the necessary evidence for it too. Not only do you need to identify who they are. You also need to determine how they can benefit from the work that you do and how you can nurture a relationship with them.

Identifying the stakeholders

These are people that are going to have an interest in the research you are doing. They are the ones who will see the benefits of your work to their lives. They may be research users or partners that will help you develop your research and even implement your recommendations.

Check with your partners for coactions and networks that they might want to share which you can use to get your work disseminated. This is essential so you do not just get any feedback, but highly varied ones too. It helps to maximise social media too. It is a valuable tool to make it possible for you to monitor the reach of your research work.

Engaging the stakeholders

Listen to them and find out what it is that they want and expect from you. Find out if there is a way for you to give them exactly what they want while keeping the integrity of your work. You would not want to compromise your research in the first place. Always be honest and open about what you can do or what you can’t do for them.

Make sure to give them feedback too. You want to keep them engaged in the project. Newsletters with outlines of the preliminary findings can help achieve this. Regular contacts are also needed. You want to develop a partnership so you get relevant input and feedback from these stakeholders as you progress.

Setting the expectations of your stakeholders

Always make sure to keep your stakeholders informed about the things that you might need from them. Actively working with them and gaining their commitment and participation in the research is essential. This makes it easier for you to get feedback from them since you are working with them, and actively too. With their help, coming up with a research work that is going to have a better impact is going to be easier.

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