What is a business mentor, and How much do they charge?

  • A business mentor is an advisor who helps when you are stuck in various business scenarios. There are multiple types of mentors; for instance, a counseling member in educational institutions guides and assists you when you are stuck or confused in your academics.
  • Likewise, these business mentors are a great resource of information and knowledge with varied areas of expertise likely to help you. Mentors build trust in their mentoring relationship with the mentee, which in return helps the individuals grow and expand their knowledge.
  • The main point that individuals must note is that you don’t have the baggage of appointing a full-time advisor or counselor through investing in the right mentor. You can easily visit these mentoring platforms whenever you are stuck or wanted help in your business.
  • It can be a cost-effective way to eliminate extra expenditures. Also, mentors can help you personally, maintaining transparency in your relationship for the best effective solutions.
  • When you appoint a permanent counselor, they become a part of your company which can thus disregard the advantage of having clearness.
  • Business mentors help the conversation maintain its fluency, targeting your goals first and then theirs. The objective is clear for both the mentor and mentee, which makes the communication worthy.
  • When the mentor understands and concentrates on your perspective, it is a trait of a good business mentor.
  • They make genuine efforts to know about the feedback and rating you gave them, showing their genuine enthusiasm towards their work.

With the points mentioned above, we now have a great idea about business mentors, but what exactly do they do?

The task of a Business Mentor

  • Business mentors have various things to do, as we know that in any business, many activities are involved.
  • So, entrepreneurs generally look for reputed business mentors for the more significant ideas they possess for their businesses.
  • These business mentors are an essential source of help for business owners as they have knowledge, skill, and experience through dealing with thousands of individuals.
  • Business mentors are best when they provide much information about a topic without boundaries and limitations. They deal with numerous circumstances; hence, they are best invested in.

The specialization and expertise they hold are very significant, but here is a list of a few things that mentees must check on before going for a business mentor to achieve maximum positive outcomes.

Things Mentors should Possess

  • Openness and Approachability: Business mentors are someone with whom you can be transparent with your business complications. You must consider changing your mentor if you are not providing them with exact details. The business mentor must be approachable to any possible circumstances that appear. Your mentor-mentee relationship must have a personal attachment for your business to increase. Thus, choose wisely.
  • Flexibility: As business holds endless stuff, business mentors should have a wide range of knowledge. They should never restrict themselves to a specific point. Good business mentors are a great source of advisors and experts; thus, look for mentors who also run their businesses. Mentors should know everything neighboring your point of discussion. It will be a great help if your mentor allows you to consider them for various situations where you can trust them.
  • Attitude and Goal: The objective of your mentor should be your profit. They should help you make the best of yourself so you can achieve your goal. Mentors should have a friendly attitude rather than just thinking of you as a part of their job. Look for mentors who will help you succeed with the correct measures.
  • Readiness: You must understand the importance of time in any business; when selecting your mentor, you should also match the criteria of time with others. If the time zones and schedule does not fit, it can hamper the overall objective of the meeting. Look for a business mentor who eagerly provides you with enough time to discuss every bit of information. They should never be in a rush to complete a session.
  • Experience: A business mentor must hold evidence of their past works because experience is one of the most important traits they should have. If your mentor does not fulfill your requirement of specific experience, they may provide you not so good alternatives.

The one common doubt around every individual’s head looking for a good mentor is the price of the mentoring.

Let’s make this point clear,

How much does a business mentor charge?

  • A business mentor can charge you for the mentoring sessions they have provided, which highly depends on the mentor.
  • The range of the fee can be from free of cost to per hour basis.
  • Thus, it fluctuates highly from company to company and person to person.
  • For instance, some enterprises charge around 1000 to 2000 dollars per hour.
  • Business mentors may be working for different organizations giving them fixed salaries. You must be very sure before investing in mentorship programs.