What are the Career Options One can Opt After Completing the Quality Assurance Training

What is quality assurance? Does it benefit a person’s career? What is needed to get quality assurance training? Are there any career options available after completing the training? Quality Assurance is nothing but an activity that ensures that one receives the quality in the development and in the delivery of the products and services. The major aim to improve the process that is responsible for delivering the quality products and services to the customers.

The quality assurance is adamant about saving cost, time, efforts and the standard of the product. Quality assurance training is available in a number of certificate and degree programs. Apart from the course, the students studying the quality assurance gets have few different career options which they can pursue after their graduation. There are professions like the  Quality control inspectors, computer systems analysts, and architectural and engineering managers which one can opt for. Every field requires that the, that the professionals work to make sure that the employers are to meet with the established quality indicators of the industry.

Career Options

The quality assurance professionals work in a variety of fields offering their respective services. They work to ensure that the organization is able to meet the established quality standards. The quality assurance training offers the respective roles to the professionals. They might work in industries and organizations including manufacturing, health care, engineering and technology, thus serving a variety of technical roles.

  • Quality Control Inspector: the job of the quality control inspector is to help and ensure that the product of the company is meeting all the industry and the regulatory standards. And this is done by inspecting and examining all the products and the materials before they are sent to be sold off in the market. The inspectors mainly work on the production lines to determine any flaw in the product or are provided with the job of more in-depth testing. As per the rules, the median salary of the quality control inspectors has been fixed to $43,958 on an annual basis.
  • Computer System Analyst: As per the job title, one can opt for the job of the computer system analyst after completing the quality assurance training. The job of the computer system analyst is to evaluate the systems of the organization and provide advice to the company management on how to improve the performance. In some of the cases the analyst, might even design certain programs so as to meet the needs of the company and they might even specialize in quality assurance testing. They have a median salary fixed at $85,800 per year.
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers: the role of the architectural and engineering managers is a lot more crucial. They are responsible for overseeing the planning and the execution of the building apart from the engineering products. They are even held accountable for ensuring that the various project plans and the execution of such plans are carried out in an accurate and proper manner. They have a salary fixed at $132,800 per year.