Modules of Library Management System

The online library is one of the most convenient inventions ever made, they are extremely handy to keep all our books stocked and saved in soft copies
. ‍‍‍The generation which we are living in is the one where technology has made a huge impact on our lives. Everything is computerised, because of which manual work is performed less.

So when we talk about the library, why bother yourself by performing all the library related stuff manually when it can be managed with the help of the library management system. This is how e- library performs.

Creating an Account:

This is the first step towards opening the door of magic for all the book lovers. Simply register your name over the library application by filling the necessary details such as contact details, name, e mail address etc. And you’re ready to move towards the next module.

Getting Familiar:

Once you’ve registered yourself, start clicking on every given option to get an idea of what it does. Start searching for all the available e books. Get to know the app.

Placing Order:

This is where a student or any registered person can place an order for the books they’re looking for. When this task is done manually it consumes a lot of time and is also burdensome at times to search for the books a person is asking for. But with the help of library management system the work is done very easily.


Many a time’s students find it difficult to understand a particular concept from the particular chapter of the book. But with the help of library management software, one can have a group discussion with the student or people who have proper knowledge regarding the concept.


It often happens that we take a book but just forget to return it on the day of return. But with the help of computerised system one will get a reminder of when to return a particular book. This will reduce the stress of both, the reader and the admin.

Fine Calculator:

If the person fails to return the book even after the gentle reminder, then he/she is charged with some said the fine amount. They can check the issue and the last day of return and can calculate the fine.


The best part for all the book lovers, as well as school and college going students, where they can not only read their favourite book but can also give their opinions regarding the same. This way, the one who will likely be reading the same book can get an idea before they begin the book.

Benefits of a Library Management System

  • It reduces all the stressful manual paper work.
  • People can’t really go inside a library and look out for every single book. But that’s certainly not the case with the LMS. One can go through all the books and its categories which will make it easier for them to choose amongst many.
  • It reduces the time taken for travelling to the library.