Train with Us for the Best Use of Force Police Training New Jersey Can Offer

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To take advantage of the best use of force police training New Jersey can provide, you have a few options. Each of them will teach you the skills you need to effectively control a situation with a suspect and to keep yourself and the suspect as safe as possible. Our training methods are unique and taught by some of the most experienced instructors in the field.

We make it as flexible as possible to learn the methods that you need to master our training methods. The first is to attend one of our already scheduled events. These take place in various places around the country, and you can simply travel to the location to attend the training. Another option is to host a training at your facility. We deal with all of the incoming phone calls, emails, registration, and payment. You can just announce the training to your internal networks and provide a place to train.

Additionally, you can hire us as the outside experts to help your officers learn new methods. We offer great instructors who can persuade offers who may not want to do in-service DT training, and we can help de-conditioned, older, or smaller statured officers with a needs-based training. Furthermore, we can even certify some of your instructors while we are there to show them how to teach our methods themselves.

One extra option is to have us train all of your agency’s instructor officers. It may be more convenient and less expensive to do this than to fly all of them out to an event already being hosted. You can choose the subject you want your instructors trained in, and we will bring all the necessary training materials to you.

In our Contact Dominance Level One program, instructors will learn how to teach our methods (and any other methods) with confidence, and you will know which progressions to teach in sequence and not have to try to remember what you learned. You’ll get all of our lesson plans and drills written out for you, and you can access our learning material on video at any time. Our Contact Dominance Level Two program is designed for academy-level or advanced skills instructors, and you can contact us for more information about the prospectus for that.

Contact to learn more about the best use of force police training can offer. We look forward to working with you.